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Brandt Peters – VIXEN! Catalogue now available

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Straight from his amazing show, VIXEN! at AFAY NYC, Brandt Peters, we have the entire catalogue available in the Circus Posterus Online Store! 

40 pages of new original artwork by Brandt, and by ordering from the CP Store, your copy comes signed by the man himself. This is just a small glimpse into that wonderful artistic brain of Brandt’s!

Find it here


Stranger Factory Open House 12.12.14

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I heart

Stranger Factory will host a special Open House this Friday, December 12th for holiday cheer and shopping while continuing to showcase the Winter Salon exhibit. Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will also be on-hand to sign copies of their newest books!

Brandt Peters is a guest artist with an 8-page story in DC Comics Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1. Fans can bring their copy for Peters to sign, and there will be a very limited amount available through Stranger Factory to purchase. Peters will also be selling original sketches from the story, as well as exhibiting and selling the original hand-drawn pages.

HarleyKathie Olivas will also have on hand her fresh off the press 98 full color page art book Safe from Tomorrow. This pure eye candy art book features new works from Olivas’ current solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years.
safefromtravels_bookNot to mention, Stranger Factory is packed from wall to wall with original artwork, toys, prints, and holiday gifts for everyone. Come on down to our open house that runs til 8pm 12-12-14!

Kathie Olivas’ “Safe from Tomorrow” Art Book Now Available!

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Literally hot of the presses, Kathie Olivas’ new art book “Safe from Tomorrow” is now available!
To coincide with her opening at AFA NYC, Kathie’s new Circus Posterus published art book is 98 full color pages of Kathie’s brilliant work.
The book come sin two editions with of the standard book and a sponsor pack.
The normal edition can be found here and consists of:
98 Full Color Pages

      Features new works from Olivas’ upcoming solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years
      Published by Circus Posterus Publishing
      Comes signed by the artist
      Edition: 1000
      Size: 9″ x 12″

While the Sponsor Pack contains far more and can be found here:


        98 full color pages
      Soft cover
      Features new works from Olivas’ upcoming solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years
      Published by Circus Posterus Publishing
      Comes signed and sketched by the artist
      Sponsor pack also includes: 13″ x 19″ exclusive print (Alice Between the Moon and Stars) Ed. 100
      Includes 3 postcards
      Edition: 100 Sponsor Packs

Grab you a copy now in the Circus Posterus store!

Someone say Halloween and Night Parade?

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Parade_smTomorrow is October 1st and the unofficial start of Halloween season (unless it is all year around like most of us).

What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween and show your love of this best time of year with decor around the house! Kathie Olivas’Night Parade” shows off our favorite holiday with gusto! Come on, it has a glorious pumpkin in the center!

Available now in the Circus Posterus store here for $75.

  • Size: 13″ x 19″
  • Signed & numbered
  • Printed on fine art using Epson archival inks


Wandering Misfits Embody Halloween

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Misfit1There are only 48 days until Halloween, and we are making sure we prepare all of you fans out there.
On that note, what embodies Halloween more than the Wandering Misfits series by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas from Cardboard Spaceship?
Available now in the Circus Posterus store, these pack of misfits are all dressed up and ready for our favorite holiday.
Available are blind boxes here.
Blank case as seen below where you can paint your favorite misfit as you see fit.
r you can even pick up chase Misfits by themselves here just as long as you have them ready for trick or treating!
Misfit2 Misfit3


Read up for Halloween

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Halloween isn’t too far away, and it is never too early to start planning for our favorite holiday!

To get you started early and those spooky creative juices flowing, we have a couple new books in the Circus Posterus store perfect for this creepy fun holiday.

Halloween1Halloween Favorites in Plastic showcases all those cute and haunting knick knacks we adore. Halloween toys and art from years past are collected in one book. This is sure to get you excited for October 31st, and maybe even start you hunting these items to showcase for your own house.

Halloween2Lucy Cavendish teaches you the history, legends, lore and magick of the Shapeshifters with her Oracle of the Shapeshifters. Who doesn’t always think about shapeshifters around Halloween?

Both these great books are in the Circus Posterus Store right now., but hurry because Halloween is right around the corner.


Carisa Swenson’s original creation – Max

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Available now in the Circus Posterus store with super easy checkout is Carisa Swenson’s original creation “Max“.

Max in his striped shirt and overalls is just going about his day pulling along some of his favorite toys. This mixed media 7″ x 12” creation features Carisa’s brilliant sculpting and fabricating talents, and as always, her work has such wonderful characters filled with rich definition and life. (The pull cart with toys really sets the personality of little Max – and of course, it goes with him everywhere he goes.).

Available now in the Circus Posterus store here!

Squadts come out to play this Wednesday

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gid_nightmare_2This Wednesday, August 13 in the Circus Posterus store, we will have a Squadt release of epic proportions!


Limited to 225 pcs. worldwide  6″ vinyl, ABS and cloth.
Includes: 2 sets of sycho lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, sweater, nail-board, cleaver, sack and a removable helmet and signed $120



[NKD] GID and GID Perp SET

TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD]: 6″ GID vinyl – Includes 3 sets of eye lenses,  2.1 and classic arms, grey pajamas with not so
hidden clear katana, bowler hat (not shown) and a removable helmet.

TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD] perp: 6″ GID vinyl – Includes 3 set of eye lenses  2.1 and classic arms, blue pajamas with not so
hidden clear-grey sawed off shotty, sKangol hat (not shown) and a removable helmet.

Signed set for $200


These will go up at a random time in the CP store on 8.13.14 and they are limited to one of each release per person aka no doubles of one release.


Close ups of DrilOne’s Wandering Misfits!

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Tomorrow is the big day, with the release of DrilOne’s Wandering Misfits. 

As we previously reported, Dril takes on Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas’ much-loved Wandering Misfits mini series by Cardboard Spaceship and adds his special technique to make these ever so more badass.

You can expect gas masks, patina, and a slew of rustic riveted misfits ready to go in the Circus Posterus storeand to get you amped up, we have a few detailed images of these little dudes for you!

Just keep your eyes ready on the site, and get ready to F5, because these can drop at any time on Wednesday, June 18th!

10311038_293328957510621_1803653920_n 1170153_877705908922207_2058353409_n 10375860_461200314015547_802315711_n 10362270_1451454798426210_92841598_n 10354497_632787916797221_2061326877_n




Releasing 6.18.14 = Custom Wandering Misfits by DrilOne

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drilonemisfitsWe have another amazing release lined up for Wednesday, June 18 with custom Wandering Misfits by DrilOne!

An assortment of these lovable misfits re-imagined in classic Dril style! There are so many amazing pieces in this drop, it is hard to choose!

The fun goes down in the Circus Posterus Store Wednesday, June 18! Keep checking back in the store for the release.