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Shots from the making of Calliope!

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Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas were on set this past weekend of their first stop motion short film, Calliope. As you can see the stage is literally set for the filming of this soon to be epic film! We still don’t know too much about the plot or anything yet, but we have a hunch that all will be revealed very soon.

Take a look at some behind the scenes images of Calliope!
image1fBrandt getting in on the action.
image1The details are so precise and tiny!
image3fSpeaking of tiny!

image4More of the developing set.

Unicorns and Dodo birds!!!
image2rThis merry-go-round is looking amazing. Could this be our star’s home?


And we get to see a puppet!

We will have more from Calliope very soon. Keep watching our twitter feeds for more behind the scenes.

Brandt Peters – VIXEN interview!

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We’ve been eagerly following Brandt’s progress on his new show at AFA this month, and finding ourselves compelled by the work he’s been producing working in for this show. We exploited our insider access to chat with him a bit about his work and Vixen, and find out more about his upcoming year.

Circus Posterus : The life sized drawings you’re doing to Vixen are wonderful – what made you decide to work in this scale for this show?

Brandt Peters: I actually have been thinking about large scale works for while, and even tried a couple for Trigger II. It was all about finding the right exhibition gallery that could fit these works in their space (due to their size) and the ideal window of time for it to work. AFA Gallery was very interested after seeing my Trigger II work pin-ups, and we started talking and planning from there. Most of the work is around 6 feet tall!


What era in time are you exploring and drawing inspiration from for Vixen? What draws you to it?

BP: Visually, I was imagining walking into a very large space, and being surrounded by giant drawings of my pin-up type character designs. As I explored deeper, I imagined these characters as almost rival gangs to each other. So, as you walked around the room, you would be surrounded and pulled directly into their worlds, drama and attitudes, so it would venturing more towards a visceral and narrative experience. VIXEN also allows all of my worlds in my universe to culminate… for instance, we have one of The Brides in this show, and that character group is how Stingy Jack’s universe shows up to play in the exhibition. The Brides will also be an important component in our up and coming stop-motion short, Calliope. The Trouble-Boys! World shows up in their counterparts: The Trouble-Girls! (No. 10, No. 23, The Drifter, etc.). Terrorgirls! even show up with additional members never revealed to fans. These characters all come together under the VIXEN exhibition as rival gangs, but it’s also a juxtaposition of my multiple toy universes.

My style of art tends to have a vintage or nostalgic feel, but that more than anything is probably due to my fascination with golden and silver era animators and animation design. Organically, that has just become my voice over decades. VIXEN also explores some of my favorite eras in time to define some of its characters. Many pin-ups will be very familiar from off-shoots of toy projects with my friend and colleague FERG: Trouble-Girls! and Terrorgirls!. In these series, the Trouble-girls! are “hit-girls,” as in “hit-men”, but their numbering system is based on my favorite eras in history. For instance , Trouble-Girl No. 23 is loosely based on fashion and culture from the ’20s and ’30s = 23. Trouble Girl No. 10 represents the turn of the century, etc. You will also find other concepts like the Terrorgirls! which are loosely based on ’70-’80s gore/slasher/exploitation horror films I grew up watching as a kid. You will also see imagery based on our toy series: Big Sal and much more.

I think my attraction and need to connect ‘the past’ into my work, is a natural continuation of my love and need for personality and expression as a romantic and rich visual language.



You are a busy and hardworking man – in the past year alone, you’ve been illustrating comics, designing toys, running an art gallery and retail store – how do you keep it all organized and together? 

BP: It’s very hard at times… I come from the “strike when the iron’s hot” and “be prepared for your turn in advance” school of thought… so when the universe hands you moments of opportunity, you take them. Even if you don’t have the time, or it’s not ideal, or it inconveniences you. I really don’t have weekends, and I work a lot of the time. I am also lucky and have gotten to work on projects that I love because I grabbed the opportunity when it arrived, while usually others were complaining or giving up. I also have an amazing support team that has my back and has been there to help keep me organized and on task. And of course, my wife, colleague and partner Kathie is a tremendous force in keeping me aligned and focused.

What work can we expect to discover in Vixen? Will you mostly be drawing and painting, or will we get to see some of your sculptural works as well?

BP: There are 17 pieces in total, with most of the work is in a 24” x 72” format. The work is all on linen. The style is actually more of a “painting style”, but with inks and acrylics over my drawings. I have a surprise up my sleeve for a sculptural component, but if it happens, it will be happening at the last second. I would rather keep it a secret, just in case!


How would you introduce yourself to people unfamiliar with your work?

BP: What is I love about my body of work, is that I have been able to develop so many different lines within my brand: toys, pin-ups, paintings, character design, creature design, sofubi, etc. Any number of these formats allows a collector and fan to jump in and start from anywhere, really.

Probably the first place I would start to find my work would be my online store: who carries a lot of my work, or better still – come to old Route 66 in Albuquerque, NM to STRANGER FACTORY where I carry my original designs and fine art, as well as a constant inventory of my toys and product.

It sounds like 2015 is going to be an incredible year for you – want to give us a peek into what is on the horizon for Brandt Peters?

BP: I will let everyone else figure it out, but I will leave you with the following words: CALLIOPE, stop motion, Cardboard Spaceship, mini figures, more vinyl toys, bigger gallery and bigger toy store, Circus Posterus, Kidrobot, international art shows, published books, more toys, more sofubi, collaborations with amazing artists, apparel, travel, New York, California, SDCC, DesignerCon, 3D Retro, major fine art exhibitions, lectures, giant sculptures, FERG, Shinbone Creative, Stingy Jack, The Brides, The Night King, jointed pin-up dolls, a horror film festival, joining forces with major toy company…that’s all I know for now, but as always, there’s always more.

Peeps into the Peepshow!

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The Peepshow is hard at work making sure every tassel is perfectly placed, but we do have a few previews of what lovely ladies you will see at the epic Brandt Peters curated event.

Opening February 6th, and featuring the amazing artistic talents of Ryan Heshka, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Jim Mahfood, Brian Ewing, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Aunia Kahn, Tokyo Jesus and Brandt Peters, we are sure you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Now for a little preview.

aunia kahn

Tokyo Jesus
Mini Peep
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
LOOK OF BEAUTY art with matte hi resThe exhibit runs Feburary 6th through March 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, February 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Some artists will be in attendance.

Brandt Peters’ VIXEN at AFA NY!

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VIXEN is Brandt Peters’ contemporary re-interpretation of the classic pin-up art. Super heroes, alien school girls, crime bosses, and girl gangs: these characters embody a new female attitude.Peters’ larger than life femme fatales bravely strut the line between light and dark, and transcend any antiquated notions behind the interpretation of the female form.

The collection of new work was created as life-scale, with most pieces hovering between five and six feet tall.

February 11th – March 15th

Artist’s Reception
Thursday, February 12th, 6PM – 8PM

Book Signing
Saturday, February 14th, 4PM – 6PM

54 Greene Street New York, NY 10013

Our First Look at the Peepshow

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We know you are watching! Don’t try to deny it. We see you sneaking glimpses from behind the curtain!

We get our first look at Stranger Factory’s upcoming show(curated by Brandt Peters) Peepshow with Tokyo Jesus!

Tokyo Jesus, otherwise known as Sayu, is an amazing contributor to this ensemble cast of artists titillating us with their muses. Known for skulls, ruin, and devastatingly beautiful human beings, Sayu already has our “interests” perked up with an early sketch of what he is bringing the stage. Now, just like a proper peepshow, we want to see more and more and more!

Other participating artists in the show include Ryan Heshka, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Jim Mahfood, Camilla d’Errico, Brian Ewing, Joe Capobianco, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Aunia Kahn, Tokyo Jesus and Brandt Peters.

The exhibit runs February 6th through March 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, February 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Some artists will be in attendance.

February Exhibit: Peepshow curated by Brandt Peters!

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Stranger Factory – February Exhibit

Peepshow – A Group Exhibition of Pin-Up Artists

Stranger Factory is excited to announce “Peepshow”, a new group exhibit of contemporary pop artists reimagining the concept of pin-up art. The classic pin-up was a lowbrow form of art, originally intended as cheap titillation for the masses and commonly used as advertising. Curator Brandt Peters invited his peers to revisit the pin-up not as cheap commerce, but instead to use the form as a showcase for contemporary style, as well as more modern attitudes towards women and the female form.

Participating artists in the show include Ryan Heshka, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Jim Mahfood, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Aunia Kahn, Brian Ewing, Tokyo Jesus and Brandt Peters.

The exhibit runs Feburary 6th through March 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, February 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Some artists will be in attendance.


Off with their Heads again!

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One of the awesome things about the Pocket Sideshow Chibi series, is that you can swap all the heads and bodies! We did just that with a set of the Winter Colorway set. Makes for fun combos and mixing it up.

Works well if we say so ourselves!

You can get the Pocket Sideshow series right here

Stranger Factory Open House 12.12.14

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I heart

Stranger Factory will host a special Open House this Friday, December 12th for holiday cheer and shopping while continuing to showcase the Winter Salon exhibit. Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will also be on-hand to sign copies of their newest books!

Brandt Peters is a guest artist with an 8-page story in DC Comics Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1. Fans can bring their copy for Peters to sign, and there will be a very limited amount available through Stranger Factory to purchase. Peters will also be selling original sketches from the story, as well as exhibiting and selling the original hand-drawn pages.

HarleyKathie Olivas will also have on hand her fresh off the press 98 full color page art book Safe from Tomorrow. This pure eye candy art book features new works from Olivas’ current solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years.
safefromtravels_bookNot to mention, Stranger Factory is packed from wall to wall with original artwork, toys, prints, and holiday gifts for everyone. Come on down to our open house that runs til 8pm 12-12-14!

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters to hold Master Classes at Château de Belcastel

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Master class

Time to plan our next vacation for this epic workshop coming in 2015!

An Extraordinary Invitation…

Master Classes
Kathie Olivas | Brandt Peters
Nika Dunne | Martin Meunier

Workshops in a medieval castle, Summer 2015
“An Animated World”
Week I: July 25th – August 1st or  Week II: August 1st – 8th
Brandt Peters | Kathie Olivas | Martin Meunier | Nika Dunne

Professional and amateur students alike will learn how to harness their imaginations through instruction and collaboration. Character design and story telling skills will be taught and used to create a stop-motion film. Finally, a seminar with a mentor who will guide students to acquire the savvy to successfully market and produce their own film project.

Students will follow a three-course curriculum over one week at Chateau Belcastel, located one hour south of Paris in one of Frances official “Most Beautiful Villages”

The Courses:

The Fine Art of Character Design, taught by Peters and Olivas

The Art of Stop Motion Animation, taught by Meunier

Producing Animation, taught by Dunne.

Peters and Olivas will train and navigate students through the visual story-telling world of idea and character generation. Students will design characters in both 2D and 3D. In their next class with Martin Meunier, they will breathe life into their ideas and forms through the practice of stop motion animation. In this hands on studio class, students will take their designs and make a final ready-to-shoot puppet.

In the final class of the day, Dunne will navigate students through the business side of animation and production. The class will be cumulative, and engage with material learned in the first two classes. Pitching, script structure, marketing, and setting and keeping budgets will be covered and will help set up film/animation projects for success.

Students will attend all three classes daily over the course of one week. This complete experience will give you the necessary foundation to begin the journey as film-makers focused in stop-motion animation.


WHEN: Session I: July 25th – August 1st | Session II: August 1st – August 8th

WHERE: Chateau Belcastel, a one hour flight south of Paris in France

WHAT: Master classes with four renowned artists to learn creative filmmaking and production skills in an historic monument coupled with a holiday in with a rich cultural and culinary experience. for professional and amateur students, and a holiday in a medieval castle which is both an historical landmark and a sprawling art gallery.

INCLUDED: One week of Master classes with accommodations in a semi-private fully furnished house to share in Belcastel, just below the castle where classes will be held. Transportation to and from the airport or train station in Rodez. (20 minutes away.)  A champagne reception with the artists, a private VIP tour of the castle, a fine brunch and dinner in the castle. Students will enjoy a visit to a neighboring village for trips to the market and have dinner at a local farm-to-table restaurant. Friday nights all are invited to attend a village feast by the river .

Students may prepare meals in their own kitchen or dine at the brasserie or Michelin starred restaurant in the village. Airfare and some meals and project materials are the only additional costs.

To see the complete itinerary and pricing, please visit the site here.

How is that for epic?


Brandt Peters’ Harley Quinn release!

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HQ1Ever since the news got out that Brandt Peters was invited to be part of the artistic elite for DC comic’s Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, we have all been waiting and shaking back and forth in anticipation like Arkham Asylum inhabitants! Well, the big day is almost here and Brandt is giving us an even bigger present!

DC comic’s Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 releases this Wednesday, December 10th at your favorite comic retailers, but if you are in the ABQ area, there is a special treat going down at Stranger Factory on December 12th! Stranger Factory is holding a special open house this Friday!  Brandt will be offering original pages from the comic for sale as well as development sketches from the story. He will also have a small amount of the issue available for purchase! You can also bring your copies for him to sign.

That is some holiday cheer right there!!!
Grab your issue of Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 and head down to Stranger Factory this Friday!