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Amanda Louise Spayd and her BUMBLE for SDCC and beyond

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Get ready for bad BEE puns
BumbleAmanda Louise Spayd has created quite the buzz when she started teasing the colony with patterns of black and yellow, and now everyone is wide-eyed and salivating for more information. The first edition series in her newly dubbed Dust Bunnies, these colorful creations are known as Bumbles. 

Flying in at 11″ tall, Bumbles have a  handpainted resin face, cloth body, and paper-wrapped wire antennae with painted wooden balls on top. Amanda designed the body fabric and then had it professionally printed on a thick, high quality linen-cotton canvas. The little bee ears are made of  wool felt, and the insides of the Bumble are stuffed with aspen wood chips and natural cotton. Amanda has also created brass tags for the numbered editions.

Sweater than honey, each gift boxed Bumble will cost $125 with an edition size between 60-70. They will make their first appearance in her shop this July and then more will swarm in for the CP takeover of Cardboard Spaceship’s booth #5346 at SDCC 2013. Get your F5 fingers ready, and pay attention to the blog for SDCC news or you might get STUNG.

Brass Monkey


Keep an eye out next week, because we are bringing you tons of SDCC goodness from the Circus Posterus crew.

Amanda Louise Spayd is up to something for SDCC

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ALS1Most of us have already been frantically at work researching and planning our SDCC attack for over a month now, and we are still over 7 weeks out. For those that don’t spend hours with web searches and emails, we are here to help!

We already gave you a small look into one thing Chris Ryniak is working on for the convention, but now we can tell you something about what Amanda Louise Spayd is working on. This time around, we have a duo of progress shots for the convention. You can see some early stages and some progression of some Dust Bunny faces coming to life. These one offs for the con seem to be heading in a direction with keyholes. The new addition to the bunnies is very intriguing and makes you wonder if they will come with a vintage key?

Remember Circus Posterus takes over the Cardboard Spaceship booth on Saturday, July 20th during the con. We will have more soon from Mandi, and the rest of the CP artists that will be at SDCC. Don’t worry, we haven’t started the line yet, but SDCC happens in San Diego Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.



Amanda Louise Spayd is the adorablest

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We all adore Amanda Louise Spayd, so this video of her by WOSU’s ArtZine made us squeal in delight. Watch Mandi talk about her creatures(now named Dust Bunnies, in case you missed that) as if they were her tiny, hapless children, and describe the exhilarating process of working on The Maker. It’ll make you feel warm and cuddly, we promise.

In addition, Amanda will be holding an online sale of her work on April 30th. It will most certainly sell out, so be prepared!

(additional images pulled from Amanda’s Instagram feed)

A 5 Piece Screen Print Set for all Circus Fans

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Before you get overwhelmed with the awesomeness of Monsters and Misfits III, coming to Takayama, Japan in September, pick up the 2012 Monsters and Misfits II Screen Print Set

This 5 piece set contains iconic characters by Doktor A, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.This amazing set perfectly embodies the legacy of the 2012 Monsters and Misfits show, and is an outstanding 2D companion for many of the recent 3D sofubi releases of Stingy Jack, Stinky Ginger, Calliope, and more. This hand pulled, hand signed, and numbered prints screenprinted by Tiny Bird Press are an edition of 125 measuring 8″ x 10″ on French Speckletone paper.

5 prints are only $125, and can be found in the Circus Posterus Store here. 

Amanda Louise Spayd Screenprint for Monsters and Misfits II

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After the Migration

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Art Nerds

Yes I think Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak can celebrate now that all the months of hard work going into Migration is done.

The opening was beyond amazing and the ever so talented artists knocked us all to our feet with their work. The interwebs are inundated with images from a show, but we thought we would show you a few as quick wrap up after the jump.

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Distressed Dolls from Amanda’s Workshop “The Patina of Time”

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ALSworkshopThe workshops at Stranger Factory have become a huge hit! The ability to be part of a small lecture or hands on class with amazing high-caliber artists is still uncommon, and we got to experience one first hand this weekend with Amanda Louise Spayd.

Amanda’s workshop “The Patina of Time” focused on antiquing fabric to give it that nice “old world” or just old feel to it. Small blank dolls were provided for every participant to work with as a base and from there they had a full arsenal of paints, fabrics, buttons, thread, tools, and even sandpaper at their disposal.

Amanda gave an in-depth overview on how to make the magic of patina happen with her own blank doll examples and then let the participants jump in head first into their creations to be supplemented with her hands-on tutelage.

ALSworkshopteachAbove, Amanda is guiding the way to a perfect patina.

 For more workshop awesomeness, and images of participant work, click MORE!

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A little look at Migration!

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Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s Migration officially opens in about an hour, but the show is hung, the preview is up, and we think it’s about time to give you a quick look at this gorgeous show!

The centerpiece of this show is Chris and Amanda’s large collaboration piece, Gallivant and the Huskyshumbler. Standing at over two feet tall, this gorgeous beast and its squishy rider are well equipped and ready for a new adventure to some lucky collector’s house.

The three dimensional wall plaque series looks wonderful! These are retailing in the $250-$350 range, which is a steal for either Chris’ or Amanda’s work, so try to be at Stranger Factory tonight to snatch one up.

As per Stranger Factory tradition, the show setup is always gorgeous and complimentary to the pieces in the gallery, and that is certainly true for this show. Old boxes, weathered wooden stools, and miscellaneous antique trimmings…it’s a sight to behold!

For those of you not lucky enough to be at opening night tonight(like me! *sob), the online purchase period opens on Monday, March 4th, noon PST. More details are listed on the Online Preview Page, so please read them closely! The production pieces and any remaining art will be appearing in the Circus Posterus store in mid-March.

Brad is on the ground tonight in Albuquerque and reporting live on the Circus Posterus Instagram, so follow us on Instagram at @circusposterus and @strangerfactory for live updates on opening night. Our friends and photographers Amy Greenwood (@vinylgoddess) and Sara Harvey (@4theloveoftoys) are also at opening night, and their Instagram feeds have been filling up with delightful pictures, so we can also attempt to live vicariously through them, although the Rebel Donuts and breakfast burritos are not quite as delicious when experienced by someone else.

Ryniak and Spayd collaborate for twice the trouble

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Gallivant5 copy

As if the bevy of beautiful snaggle toothed, lumpy, wide eyed beasts scheduled to fill Stranger Factory this Friday weren’t enough to make our hearts pound in anticipation, your daring reporter has just laid eyes on what is certain to be the crowning glory on Migration – a collaborative piece between Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd. Please revive me, because my heart has stopped. It is only out of duty to you, dear blog readers, that my fingers continue to type.

Chris and Amanda met in 2006, when they were both working as designers for a major greeting card corporation. They’ve been friends since then, and it has been delightful to see both of their artistic endeavours blossom alongside one another.

We’re saving the full reveal for the online preview(fear not, it’s only a day away), but we can’t help but cruelly tease you with these wonderful little detail shots.

Gallivant8 copy

CP: How did you decide on and work on this collaborative piece together?
Chris and Mandi: Chris had done a drawing of his character – just a little sketch. We had really wanted to do a collaboration for the show, but once we saw his sketch, knew exactly what it would be. A really natural pairing of our characters, as journeying companions. In terms of actually making it, we each constructed our respective parts of the sculpture, then both cooperated on the aesthetic and technical aspects of how to join them into one cohesive concept.

Amanda: But I did all the really hard stuff.

Chris: But just because it was hard does not mean it looks any good.

Chris and Amanda: You can leave this out, we were just being assholes.

Gallivant6 copy

CP: What is the best thing about collaborating with each other, both on this piece, and on these 2-person shows?

Chris and Amanda: We think so much alike, it makes collaborating very easy. We share a similar passion for textures, colors, and expression, so we know that whatever we each come up with has a really good chance of resonating with the other. Another aspect that I think makes us work well together is that we trust each other professionally, and have a lot of confidence in the skills of the other.

Gallivant7 copy

Just another Mandi Monday

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Ladies and germs, the wait is finally over! Oh wait…it isn’t, and Friday feels forever away.

Many of Amanda Louis Spayd’s critters for Migration have been sleeping during the day and traveling at nights, hence why we haven’t seen too many of them, but we can’t keep mum on too many for much longer. Without further ado, we bring Amanda Louis Spayd’s “Pilgrim” (if you click more).

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