Bill Sienkiewicz in The Art of Narrative

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Bill Sienkiewicz produces some of the most gorgeous and delicate work I’ve ever seen in comic books, and he’s done a whole lot of them, so we are extremely lucky to feature some of his original work in The Art of Narrative, opening at Stranger Factory on Friday, January 4th.


Sienkiewicz’s use of oils, collage, and other materials rarely used in comics, result in an extensive body of work that is incredibly unique, haunting and beautiful. He is also responsible for one of my favourite stories in comics ever, which is the Delirium chapter in The Sandman: Endless Nights.. He won an Eisner award for it, so clearly I have great taste in comics. As someone who has great taste in comics, I strongly suggest that you appear at Stranger Factory next Friday to take in the bounty of original art by some of our comic masters of today, two of whom will even be present to say hi to you(Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner)!

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