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In case you haven’t checked out the Circus Posterus Web Store recently, we are bringing you some gems that are a must for all Circus Collectors.

purpleset_olivermortimer_artoyz[1]Oliver and Mortimer by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas come from two different sides of the tracks but are both amazing inhabitants of the CP family.
You can get them as a set (like the purple set above) or individualy here.

4legged_starrymidnight_masaoSkelves don’t last long when they are up for sale, but we have found a few remaining 4-legged Starry Midnight Masao skelves to purr you into a sweet slumber at night. Created by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas, this skelve is what dreams are made of. You can find this skull masked feline here.  sorry for the bad puns but they were too easy
From the Tomenosuke x CP sofubi line we have the Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack. Stingy has been a fan favorite for quite a while now, and we have just a small handful of these guys left. Adorned in October styled colors, this Stingy Jack screams for any Halloween display (or cosplay if you ask us). Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack is available right here.





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