an early look at Doktor A’s workbench

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There is some mechanical magic happening on Doktor A’s workbench for Oddfellows, and we’re tingling with excitement to see the brassy details emerge!

Dok A says – “I have broken new ground again with this group of works. I wanted to push some things I started in my New York show a little further, and add another layer of detail. I am very happy with the results.” By that, I think he means that he may have ascended to a plane of mind numbingly glorious detail. Seriously, look at this block and tackle pulley system, rendered in miniature.



Expect a panoply of pieces from Doktor A for Oddfellows – cast resin, dioramas, even a collaboration with his show partner, Chet Zar! It’ll be riveting, we promise(Get it? Rivets? Oh, I crack myself up.). Stay tuned; we have some teaser shots of something called a Shutterburg coming up.

Chet Zar and Doktor A’s Oddfellows opens at Stranger Factory on May 3rd.

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