Freedom Wigs: Sketchbook Expressionism and Other Personal Things


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“Freedom Wigs,” features the inspired sketch books and paintings of Martha Rich. Martha, once confined to the corporate cubicle, shed her pantihose and corporate demeanor to experience true freedom through painting and drawing. “Freedom Wigs” unveils life’s important questions about acceptance, underpants and heart-throb crushes painted within Martha’s personal journals. This premier collection offers a glimpse into the artistic world of Martha Rich and is sure to inspire young artists, scrapbook collectors and aspiring artists.

  • 5 1/8″ x 6 1/4″ : Hard cover
  • Over 72 unique images over 72 pages. Text written by Martha Rich and Jonathan Pepoon
  • Designed and Published by Mark Murphy/Murphy Design
  • ISBN 0-9748032-5-1 distributed by Murphy Design