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Video Recap: TRIGGER @ Stranger Factory

Now that we’ve all digested the hors d’oeuvres from earlier, let’s get on to the full course, shall we?! Presented by the CP film crew and made killer by Brandt Peters and FERG … ladies and gentleman! … this is TRIGGER!


Some Quick Pics from TRIGGER!

TRIGGER opened with BANG yesterday at Stranger Factory and, fortunately for us, FERG and shop minion Mikee were able to secure us some snaps while amidst the flurry of setup!

We all knew this would be a show that would set the bar for 2012 and now we have the pics to prove it. A melange of 2- and 3-dimensional works, TRIGGER is a showcase of some of the most dynamic, intriguing and downright unusual customs to date from FERG and Brandt Peters. We’ve got sex, we’ve got violence and even some mad scientist goin’ on up in here!

ABQ localites, the show’s on ’til the end of the month — stop by and see it for yourselves! Mailing listers, all will be revealed tomorrow (the 8th) when the preview goes live at noon PST. You’ll have a day to drool over everything and the email request period opens Monday (the 9th) at noon PST. Good luck to all — click through for a full photo gallery!

Video Artist Profile: Brandt Peters

Following their romp in Austin last week with Clay ‘FERG’ Ferguson, the CP film crew returns with a profile from the other side of the TRIGGER line: Brandt Peters! In anticipation of the show’s opening, Kyle and Amie (aka Kamio) recently dropped by Stranger Factory with cameras a-blazin’ to reveal just what makes the CP ringleader tick. Enjoy it (and the funny childhood stories)!


TRIGGER is on view through Jan. 30th at Stranger Factory.

Doktor A's Badge No.4 Available 1.5

Doktor A’s next antique badge is now available via his online emporium! Dubbed ‘Mourning,’ this purple, black and silver edition is the last for this series, so don’t miss out! A new character debuts in February.

Each metal badge comes bagged with a signed/numbered artist card and retails for $10. Only 100 of ‘em, folks!

Humphrey Mooncalf: Leprechaun Edition Drops 1/8

Humphrey Mooncalf has been struck with the luck of the Irish! ‘Leprechaun’ is the fifth colourway of Dok A’s Mooncalf figure and will be available exclusively through Tomenosuke’s online shop Jan. 8th. He’s an edition of 70 pieces at $100 a pop.

Keep your peepers peeled on the site below for the drop!

WIP: Scott Radke's Totem Commission

This is just freaking insanity. How does this thing even balance?! Since last October, Scott Radke has been sculpting this epic animal totem for filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. A towering 67” tall (5’ 7”!!!), the totem is now complete and Scott is on to the painting stage. Stay tuned, for the saga continues!

Mandi Debuts Her Monthly Newsletter!

Well now, Amanda Louise Spayd is certainly looking to take 2012 by the horns: introducing new sketches, a sexy site overhaul and now a monthly(ish) newsletter, it seems we all have much to look forward to before the apocalypse.

In this first edition, Mandi reveals that she has two solo shows queued up this year — at Rivet and Myplasticheart — and she’s also part of an “amazing show overseas that will be happening in the spring” (I know you guys can guess this!). Indubitably, 2012 will be the year of the critter, with both fabric and resin editions running amuck (bar the refrigerators!).

Miss the first newsletter? You can view it here:

And sign up for it here:

And view Amanda’s lovely new site here: http://mandilouise.blogspot.com/

More TRIGGER Reveals from FERG + Preview Info

FERG has more pew-pew for our peepers with this latest pair of pics. As he puts the finishing touches on his previously-revealed ‘Desert Trouble’ custom, he also offers us a first look at Chipp, decked out in some serious Scarface duds (larger pics in the Process Gallery). A week and a half to go until the FERG and Peters posses toe off at Stranger Factory!

The preview period for local collectors kicks off opening night (Jan. 6th) until Jan. 8th. Mailing list folk, you can expect the preview to hit your inboxes on Jan. 8th. The email request period opens MONDAY, JAN. 9TH AT NOON PST! Good luck!

A Teaser from Doktor A for Conjoined: 2

The Dok has released the first teaser of a piece he’s crafting for Chet Zar’s ‘Conjoined: 2’ at Copro Nason next month. Folks ‘round these parts say he goes by the name of Lynchworthy …

'Snoweater' from Chris Ryniak

Can we say greatest Christmas present evar?!

A member of the CP forum was shocked to find this wee beastie from Chris Ryniak nibbling on the gifts beneath the tree. A commissioned Crumbeater custom (how’s that for consonance), the ice blue Snoweater is adorned with delicate, lace-like snowflakes that Ryniak worked into the piece.

Artist Video Profile: Clay 'FERG' Ferguson

The CP Film Crew recently hit the road to pay a visit to Playge mastermind FERG, as he prepares for next month’s TRIGGER exhibition!

In this rare video opportunity, fans get a first-ever glimpse at FERG’s creative process. Join Kyle and Amie as they explore FERG’s design studio and Fort Burnout, peep one-off test figures and, of course, his army of custom Squadts soon to be drafted to the Stranger Factory showdown. Folks, it’s gonna be a good ‘un!


Brandt Peters' 'TROUBLE COUPLE: 23' for TRIGGER

Gangsters and pin-up girls collide in this debut TRIGGER teaser from Brandt Peters!

We’re talkin’ a little Bonnie and Clyde hotness mixed with the smarmy tact of Tony Montana with Elvira. These two will take you to the cleaners and be it blade or barrel, the wise will avoid being at the end of either.

Trouble Couple: 23 is a 12” x 18” mixed media piece on wood panel … a delectably dangerous reimagining of the badass and Burlesque, Squadt and Circus … it all be brought’n here! TRIGGER opens Jan. 6th at Stranger Factory!

Humphrey Mooncalf Teaser + Info from Doktor A

And what have we here? Dok A posted up this delightfully cryptic teaser on the Sideshow recently, leaving Humphrey Mooncalf fans collectively stroking their chins …

Looks like we have another colourway in our midst and he’s looking rather green; Irish edition? Who says a refined gentleman such as him cannot enjoy a pint or three?

(Okay, okay. It has nothing to do with St. Paddy’s Day. But I will tell you that it’s an exclusive for a shop we all know quite well …)

In other Mooncalf news: Dok A is releasing the A/P editions of Dapper and Verdegris on MON, DEC. 26 at 6PM LONDON TIME via the Spookypop store (link below). The Nocturnal and Entertainer editions will drop at a later date, topping it off with the new verdant fella after its retail release.

Plenty to look forward to in the coming days!

Scott Radke 'Slugs' WIP

Dogs, birds, cats, swans … there’s seemingly no creature (on this plane or beyond) that Scott Radke won’t explore. Next up in his small-run clay sculptures are Slugs, due out early next year.

Measuring 13” long and 12” tall, these sculptures are meant to stay grounded, but bonus points to anyone adventurous enough to mount them on a wall or the side of a cabinet!

New from Amanda Spayd: Critter Sketches!

Followers of Amanda Spayd’s Tumblr have likely noticed something a little different in the Critter Workshop as of late: her dudes have gone 2D! Yes indeedy, Mandi has busted out the sketch cards and pencils and is exploring the world of monsters in a simpler, albeit more intimate format than her popular mini print packs.

While she pegs the sketches as just a fun venture for now, expect an opportunity to purchase some original 2D work from Mandi early next year. More info on that in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, keep tabs on her work here:



Check Out Ma Grillz: More Chrome from FERG

Just dropped on the FERG Twitterwebz last night is this juicy pic of two (TWO!) krome Trouble Boy customs in the works, accompanied by a badass Peace Fucker (Squadt version of the UN) and K11 FIDO. All will be part of TRIGGER with Mr. Brandt Peters at Stranger Factory Jan. 6th. Keep it locked for more sneaks … boys and their toys has never been sexier.

Video Recap: Winter Salon Part II

Stranger Factory’s Winter Salon Exhibition is a gift that just keeps on givin’. Week Two saw many incredible goodies added to the showcase and CP’s video crew was poised and ready for the onslaught o’ art!

The video awaits your curiosity here: http://www.youtube.com/strangerfactory

For those who missed the preview last week (be it from the mall or eggnog), fret not! Many pieces are still up for grabs and the show is on until the new year. Peek through the link below for the full spread.


Enjoy and Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Circus!

Stranger Factory Presents: Brandt Peters x FERG - TRIGGER

Alrighty folks … you’ve seen the teasers, you’ve read of the ass-kicking insanity that is currently unfolding in Albuquerque and Austin … now here is some more candy for the eyeballs and the ‘officially official’ details from the man himself, Mr. Brandt Peters:

[Stranger Factory art space is proud to present “TRIGGER” a two-person exhibition by artists Brandt Peters and Clay Ferguson (aka FERG). Both artists explore the ideas and personification of a trigger… that initiator that precipitates a reaction whether literally or metaphorically, whether on behalf of destruction or protection… What’s the target?]

Hot damn. TRIGGER is set to tyrannize Stranger Factory Jan. 6th with a myriad of 2- and 3-dimensional works. For the first time we’ll get to see these two reinterpret each other’s toys and construct some of the most menacing customs to date. More info and pics to emerge with the artist interviews, so keep checking back! The Process Gallery also has the most recent spread of teasers: http://circusposterus.com/gallery.php?gallery=process

TRIGGER runs through Jan. 30th, 2012, with an opening reception from 6pm to 9pm. Both artists will be in attendance.

New Scott Radke Prints!

Scott Radke is one of those artists whose photos of his sculptures are just as stunning as the works, themselves. And fortunately for us, he’s offering up four of his more notable shots as limited-edition fine art prints! Printed on Epson Ultra Premium Matte paper using Claria high-definition inks, each image is 10” x 10” with a one-inch white border. Prints come signed and bagged and are available for $30 each via the link below.


Trouble Fucker by FERG for TRIGGER

FERG is certainly bringin’ the heat with yet another Squadt custom reveal: Trouble Fucker, a custom Trouble Boy payin’ homage to the Die Fuckers before him.

Pimped out in a printed white tee, jacket and silenced MAC 10, this fella mean bidnazz.

TRIGGER opens Jan. 6th, 2012.

Amanda Spayd's 'The White Stag' for Winter Salon

Yeeeep, we’ve got more goodness from Amanda Louise Spayd for Stranger Factory’s Winter Salon group exhibition. Behold the majestic (and rather girthy!) ‘White Stag.’

… No words necessary for this beaut.

For anyone who has yet to sign up for the newsletter on the homepage … c’mon. Do it. Surrendering your soul has never felt so good.

'Snowflake' by Amanda Spayd for Winter Salon

How befitting that Ms. Amanda Louise should call her latest custom ‘Snowflake,’ … I’m hard-pressed trying to think of soft sculptures quite as unique and wonderous as the critters we’ve all come to love.

‘Snowflake’ is part of Stranger Factory’s Winter Salon exhibition and, given that it’s just now making an appearance, I think it’s safe for us to assume it will be in tomorrow’s preview ;)

Video Recap: Winter Salon @ Stranger Factory 12.1

The Circus Posterus video crew returns with a recap of Stranger Factory’s annual holiday group exhibition! Experience the event vicariously through Kyle and Amie as they capture all the strangeness and charm of the gallery’s first Winter Salon. Show’s on ‘til Jan. 3rd, 2012.


FERG's 'Black Chrome' Custom Trouble Boy for TRIGGER

Well get a load of this: as Squadt fans collectively rejoice over the notion of FERG customizing a posse of Trouble Boys, he further ups the ante by busting out metal-infused paints. Seriously. We’re talkin’ real metal that’s worked into paint through a “true-metal deposition paint process.”

What this means: the skull on this guy shimmers like the fender on Frank Kozik’s Charger. What this means for you and I: a damn beautiful custom to magpie next month. More soon.

Dok A's Badge No.3 Available Tomorrow 12/5

Dok A is releasing the third edition of his antique badge series Dec. 5th through his Spookypop shop. This colourway sports a festive red and green palette and each 1-inch badge is relief-cast in metal. Each comes bagged with a signed/numbered artist card. Grab ‘em before they’re gone! Only 100 were made and at $10, they will sell out!


New Travis Louie Prints @ Cotton Candy Machine!

Cotton Candy Machine’s Holiday Giclee Show opens this evening in Brooklyn and the prints are now available for purchase online!

Travis Louie has a pair of beautiful giclees on exhibit: Claire and Her Forest Schnook (17” x 24”, ed. of 20) and The General (8.5” x 11” ed. of 45). Each comes signed/numbered and retail for $200 and $40, respectively.

Paul Pope, Esao Andrews, Jeremy Hush and Tara McPherson are also exhibiting. Opening reception is from 7pm to 11pm tonight (Dec. 2nd) and show’s on till the end of the month.

Hit the link for the full spread of wonderfulness!


Snow Coral Quellisk & Reefeater by Chris Ryniak for Winter Salon 12.1

Chris Ryniak’s contribution to Stranger Factory’s annual Winter Salon is an incredible reworking of ‘Octopus Girl’— his Elizabeth collab sculpt with Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.

Standing at 10 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, the ‘Snow Coral Quellisk’ features a myriad of hand-sculpted elements and seemingly pays homage to Elizabeth with the custom Crumbeater (‘Reefeater’) sitting atop its head. Phenomenal artistry.

The Winter Salon opens Dec. 1st. Hit the link for details!


Amanda Spayd's 'Blue Birthday' for 'Stuff This' 12.3

It’s official: no one can rock a party hat like the critters of Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd. That’s one serious cone — I mean, just look at that pom-pom.

This fella goes by the name of ‘Blue Birthday’ and will be part Rivet Gallery’s fifth and final ‘Stuff This’ plush exhibition, opening Dec. 3rd through the 31st.

For more info, visit Rivet’s site:

FEESA Online Art Auction 12/1

Starting tomorrow through Dec. 10th, FEESA’s online art auction benefiting the people of Kayamandi will be live on eBay.

Sponsored by Juxtapoz Magazine and Cardboard Spaceship, the annual initiative raises money to provide meals and school uniforms for children and employment for single mothers.

Many of today’s leading artists have offered up original artworks for the cause, including CP artists DrilOne, Travis Lampe, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Chris Ryniak.

Search ‘FEESA’ on eBay starting Thurs., Dec. 1st to see all the donated pieces. Let’s help bring this impoverished community some love and light this holiday season!


Now Available: Scott Radke's Owls

Scott Radke’s Owls are now up for grabs on his website! Each mixed media sculpture sits 9 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide and there are six in total. They’re all one of a kind.

See the whole parliament via Scott’s site (link below) and shoot him an email at scott[at]scottradke.com for pricing and availability.


Toys By Design: Circus Posterus by Jeremy Brautman

Toy journalist Jeremy Brautman recently sat down with Brandt and Kathie for a candid interview for Design Bureau Magazine. The duo shares their views on life as a creative couple, the toy industry and the rise Circus Posterus collective. Plenty of great photos, as well. Hit the link for the full scoop!


TRIGGER: Custom Squadt WIP from FERG

The newest teaser for TRIGGER comes compliments of FERG and features a Squadt rockin’ a sweet Stranger Factory longsleeve! A few were printed up exclusively for the show and FERG said via Twitter that we can expect to see at least one custom Trouble Boy doning the Factory’s crest. More info to come!

The two-person exhibition with Brandt Peters opens at Stranger Factory Jan. 6th.

Stranger Factory Presents: Winter Salon 2011

In keeping with the momentum of the holiday season, Stranger Factory is already gearing up for its next exhibition: the annual Winter Salon group hoedown, opening Dec. 1st!

Participating artists include:

Glenn Barr * Colin Christian * Kelly Denato * Archer Dougherty * DrilOne * Illworx * Mikie Graham * Gary Ham * Zak Hutson * Chauskoskis * Steve Lee * Leecifer * Steven “Kid” Lew * Jon MacNair * CJ Metzger * Miss Mindy * Kathie Olivas * Brandt Peters * Michael Peters * Scott Radke * Chris Ryniak * Victoria Salvador * Rob Schwager * Amanda Louise Spayd * Cat Thompson * Scott Tolleson * Emily Trovillion * and many more!

Running in conjunction with Nob Hill’s Shop and Stroll, our local collectors will have first crack at the exhibited pieces. So swing by and scratch a name or two off your holiday shopping list (and spoil yourself while you’re at it!).

The preview is slated to drop the following week on WED., DEC. 7th, with inquiries beginning on THUR., DEC. 8th. Specifics will be outlined in the preview, so be sure to sign up for it on the Stranger Factory or Circus Posterus homepage.

Hope to see many of you this Thursday!

RECAP: Late Season @ Stranger Factory 11.18.11

Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s two-person critter extravaganza, Late Season, kicked off at Stranger Factory in New Mexico Nov. 18th. Comprised of new 2D and sculptural works from the Ohio-based artists, the exhibition explores the decay and rot of the harvest season, expressed in the form of critters. I had the opportunity to return to Albuquerque for the reception and, not surprisingly, the show was spectacular.

Let’s talk awesome stuff. First: Chris and Amanda set up the show unique to the theme of Late Season. Meaning, they created a sort of scene or world within the gallery for these characters to reside. Small creatures hid in mounted crates along the wall, others hung out on shelves or in bell jars … two were even riding an antique wagon full of dried leaves. In this room, it was easy to forget that the city is a sea of sand.

And then there were the critters, themselves. Any follower of Circus Posterus can attest that the demand for art from these two artists has surged in the last couple of years. Their characters exude the most unconventional type of adorable out there, they’re all hand-crafted, limited edition and quite affordable. Consequently, to read that Late Season was a near sell-out before it even opened isn’t a shock in the slightest (and it has since sold out).

But all that aside — and apologies if the sappiness makes anyone gag — the artists brought as much charm to the show as their work, if not more so. Despite the numerous sleepless nights, the jet lag and the two days spent hanging the exhibition, Chris and Amanda arrived at the show with bells on. They made an effort to chat with everyone, stop for pictures and, as always, don their best ghoul faces.

“Since it’s the season for giving thanks and all that…I wanted to thank everyone involved in this community for embracing what we do and being so supportive,” Chris wrote on the forums.

“I’d like to thank Amanda for being a dream to work with. I kind of wish I could do every show with her because it was SO effortless in coming up with the theme, the color palette, and even installing the show. Thanks Mandi…high five for being a winning team.

But I’d like to thank Brandt and Kathie most of all for supporting us and pushing us to do what we love and giving us a platform for which to do so. It feels wonderful to have a ‘home’ in the world.”

(I couldn’t go about the mushiness alone.)

Anyway, enough words! There’s a whole photo gallery awaiting your eyeballs via the link below! And should you wind up in ABQ sometime soon, stop by the gallery and say hello — the critters leave town Dec. 4th.


CP Launches Its Official YouTube Channel!

Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory is excited to announce the launch of its very own YouTube channel! All CP and SF-related film footage will be available for your viewing pleasure and is sure to deliver a comprehensive and absorbing visual experience. Can’t make it to an opening? No sweat — local filmmakers Kyle and Amie have you covered. And they’re awesome people, too, so join us in welcoming them aboard and prepare to witness the extraordinary enchantment of the Circus!

We make our debut with coverage of Chris Ryniak’s and Amanda Louise Spayd’s ‘Late Season’ … Have a look!


Glenn Barr Featured in Nov. Issue of Pork & Mead

Circus Posterus’ own Glenn Barr is interviewed in the November issue of bi-monthly art periodical, Pork & Mead. Hit the link below for a sampler of the piece or stop by your local alternative bookstore for a copy!


'Late Season' Sold Out!

It’s official! Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s ‘Late Season’ is completely sold out, which is a first for Stranger Factory!

Our congratulations to Chris and Amanda for an incredible showcase. Photos of the opening will be posted in the coming days and if you’re in town, stop by and experience the magic for yourself. The exhibition is on view until Dec. 4th.


Brandt Peters and FERG are gearing up for their exhibition at Stranger Factory in January 2012 and we have our first look at what to look forward to! Aptly dubbed TRIGGER, the show will see the artists’ most iconic figures reimagined in the other artist’s world. From the looks of it we can anticipate a steam punk approach from Brandt on his pieces (above sketches), while FERG has hinted that he’s reworking the Trouble Boys.

“There will be other special things as well,” FERG said on the Collect and Destroy forums. “My goal is to make a variety of cool stuff at a wide range of price points.”

Translation: skip the holiday spending and hoard all your dough for this show. You’ll thank me.

TRIGGER opens Jan. 6th at Stranger Factory.

Visit the Process Gallery for a closer look at the photos! http://circusposterus.com/gallery.php?gallery=process


BOOTH #104

Circus Posterus is please to announce that it will be part of this years 2011 DESIGNERCON. Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Brandt Peters and Doktor A will be in attendance.

We will be bringing an awesome spread of product, art and merch from everyone in attendance — but only enough for the one day event so if you stop by, don’t hesitate, we most likely will be sold out before the days end. There will also be sketches on hand as well as new ‘clear’ custom and ‘test’ mini skelves…

As part of this awesome event, Mana Studios (booth# 313) will be selling a limited amount of our brand new INDIGO FADE 9” SKELVES. There will be a strict limit of 1 per person on purchasing.

Come by and see us!

Late Summer Sale & Bewitching Preview

We’re getting ready for our Halloween show, “Bewitching” at Stranger Factory this week and plan to have the online preview sent out Tuesday night. We will begin accepting inquiries for this show on Wednesday at noon Pacific Standard time.

In addition to the
Halloween Preview, we will be releasing several editions online Wednesday at 4pm Pacific Standard time….

We will have limited amounts of the following:

9” Plasma Elizabeth
Violet Jack & Lucky Sets
Lucky Skulls
Mini Masao/ Red Death
Starry Violet Mini Skelves
Boo Skelves
New T-shirts
Misc. Prints

Kathie Olivas Solo Show at Stranger Factory

View the online preview here:

The gallery will start to accept inquiries today at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.

The exhibition opens Friday, July 1 with a reception from 6-9pm.

Designer Toy Awards: Circus Posterus Artists Nominated

Were very pleased to announce that many of our artists have been nominated in many different categories for the first annual International Designer Toy Awards (DTA) — brought to you by Clutter Magazine

- Hosted in San Diego, California at the SDCC 2011!!!

The Designer Toy Awards celebrates the creativity, innovation and artistic excellence in the Art Toy market, which after more than a decade has not only become a prominent and legitimate form of artistic and commercial expression, it is one of the leaders in global trendsetting. This award ceremony will celebrate the best of the industry’s artists, designers, customizers and manufacturers, as well as honoring those involved in championing Art Toys throughout the world.

The awards will have two components. First, a carefully selected board of professional artists, producers and impresarios will choose a group of nominees from the many designs released over the past year.

And secondly, there are an entire group of awards chosen by YOU! Yes that’s right, The DTA PUBLIC awards feature special categories that are open to the general public for popular voting.


Playge Doctor by Ferg
Playge Squadts by Ferg

Chris Ryniak
Kathie Olivas

Circus Posterus

Amanda Spayd

Skelve by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas

BEST BLOG (…they feed into our news section)
Vinylgoddess Blog

Doktor A.
Chris Ryniak

Brandt Peters Carnies by KIDROBOT
Mechtorians by Doktor A.

Ferg X Brandt Peters (Squadt Troubleboys)

Thanks Grandma by Amanda Spayd

Playge Rat by Ferg

Congratulations to everyone — we have some very good friends that have been nominated as well, not directly connected to Circus Posterus — We wish everyone the best of luck!!!!!

Congrats to all of the nominees — We wish you the greatest luck with the event! Special thanks to Clutter for putting together this event — it’s a long time coming!


Boo! Skelve at SDCC

Boo Skelve will be making a limited appearance at San Diego comicon this year. We will be releasing a small number of these at Super 7, with the rest making their way to the CP community messageboards.
Edition of 66, retail price $195
More info tba

Travis Louie @ Roq la Rue

Translucent Green Big Sal Now Available!

Now available online:

Monsters & Misfits Show: Updated!

See new teaser images for our upcoming Monsters & Misfits show in Japan.

View photos on our Flickr page.

Monsters & Misfits Show

New in progress pieces for our upcoming Japan show, including new production pieces:
Chris Ryniak’s Bubblegut & Crumbeater
Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas’s Clear Kuma and Purple Greeter production skelves…

Monsters and Misfits
Japan Art Exhibit
Kathie Olivas // Brandt Peters // Chris Ryniak

Opening ceremony: April 12
Public opening: April 13-30th

Kusakabe Folk Museum (*artists will be in attendance)

Upcoming events

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Random Photo Gallery

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  • Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! 5.18-20 2012

    Spectrum Fantastic Art celebrated its first-ever convention in lovely Kansas City, MO! Hundreds of artists from all over the globe flew in to experience what was one of the most incredible gatherings of artistic talent in one room.