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Studio day...

Working on a new project that finally gives me a good excuse to finish an old project....#Calliope

New mini sofubi coming soon! @brandtpeters @chrisryniak @kathie_olivas @amandalouisespayd

Coming Soon! @kathie_olivas @brandtpeters @chrisryniak @amandalouisespayd Mini sofubi figures...

Thunder Gryphon. #morningscribbles

Froggy fingers... #morningscribbles

Fluffy n' jumpy #morningscribbles

Somebody sure is proud of their fancy hair... #morningscribbles

These three are the last Dreamkeeper wall hangings that will ever be produced (probably)! They'll be available at Clutter Gallery's "Adventure Awaits" show, opening Apr. 12. #AdventureAwaitsExhibit

Warm & Fuzzy. #morningscribbles

Quailworm has good balance. #morningscribbles

Floaty n' fluffy. #morningscribbles


Having a great time on vacation, but looking forward to getting back to working on these guys! #dustbunnies

These candy-colired Pipsqueaks will be blind-bagged and in my shop for the Apr. 25 sale. #secretsocietysale

Tiny gear for big adventures.

Brandt & Ollie: every morning Brandt smothers him with love while Ollie imagines how to steal some of his coffee...

I'm hopping on a plane in a few hours for an adventure across California! LA / SF #morningscribbles

Contemplating the esoteric implications of existence. Or maybe just hoping for donuts later.

Pumpkin Fuzzlethump, edition of 10. Available mid April at Tomenosuke.com. More info soon!

Noodle-arm dance party!!! #morningscribbles

Oh dear. Must have left this one outside too long, he's started to sprout. For #AdventureAwaits at Clutter Gallery in April.

A little late, but it's still morning somewhere. #morningscribbles

Choosing fabrics for some pieces - they're for an upcoming show at Clutter gallery, curated by @lanacrooks, called Adventure Awaits! #adventureawaits

NEXT TUESDAY!!!! I'll be having my first sale at my new online store. I've packed the shop full of all kinds of goodies for the grand opening including: toys, resin figures and original art! This will be the first of many monthly sales.

Sketchbook critters...

Whittlin' away...starting on a new figure. So many things happening at once right now!

Nautilus Helmet. #morningscribbles

Starting on this beast today (it called for the mighty power of skeleton socks). I'll be giving this Skelve the Dust Bunny treatment for an upcoming show at @strangerfactory !

Big head full of big dreams. #morningscribbles

Pale, primed faces awaiting paint...they are like little ghosts. Half are for the #secretsocietysale and half are early starts for #unseenforces , my show with @chrisryniak this September!

I've been pretty sick the past two days, so not much new to share except for a color version of this fella...

These guys LOVE coffee... I may have to enforce a daily intake limit. #secretsocietysale

Floaty goaty. #morningscribbles

My online store is opening soon!!! Stay tuned.

Spring forward! #morningscribbles

The result of all that decoupage - these emblematic cubes will be part of some original pieces in the upcoming #secretsocietysale

Doing some mysterious decoupage... #secretsocietysale

Pipsqueak painting party tonight! #secretsocietysale

Tonight at Stranger Factory: Dead Eyes/ Featuring new work from Robert Hoggard, Joe Scarano, and Tim Lee...







New prototypes!!

New Japanese vinyl interchangeable sets available next Wednesday online at circusposterus.com


Jim Mahfood in the project room at Stranger Factory

Phil Noto solo show opening tonight in ABQ!




Finishing up new pieces for Rotofugi next month....




Trigger II opens tonight at Stranger Factory in ABQ!!


Dorothy and her Damsel Fly

Herman and Morris

drawing of a boy and his squid

Northern Henry


Nogarola by Ingres(1780-1867)

1818-famille-stamaty by Ingres(1780-1867)

fender strat body

skelve fin

Henry and His one flat surface

process shot


myth of floaters


Monster man detail

Monster man

The Smiler

The Smiler detail

Krampus Mugshot