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orders When will my package ship out?

Orders are usually shipped out within a week, unless stated otherwise. Online sales may take longer. Once shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number.

art I have some great photos of your toys/art, can I email them to you?

Save your photos for our photo contests — check out the Contests & Giveaways forum for details.

orders I tried to buy items during a sale and in less than a minute everything was sold out, what can I do?

Please understand that we receive hundreds of emails and requests in the very early seconds that our Summer and Winter sales goes live … many fans do not understand why we respond late as their email timestamp is less than a minute from the official start time. What this means is that many emails from collectors were sent at the exact and it’s up to Gmail to sort them for us.

Sorry, but it’s the very real possibility that even though your email said 3:00 PM and according to your info it was sent the second it turned 3 PM – 68 people could have sent their email in before yours and may have requested everything you did. This is the Olympics of sales and you are finishing within hundredths of seconds from other fans. It’s just the nature of our sales and why we encourage you to get your emails drafted the night before a sale, have patience and consider attending actual gallery openings or conventions.

orders Can I buy original, one-of-a-kind pieces from your artists?

Besides our ORIGINALS section where CP artists from time to time house some of their available originals, Circus Posterus is dedicated to offering at least two online sales every year. We try to plan one for May and one for late November. We ask all of our artists to offer small works, custom toys, test pieces, etc. We encourage collectors to visit our News blog to become informed of upcoming exhibitions and support our artists through their representative galleries throughout the year.

orders Can my retail store buy wholesale directly from Circus Posterus?

Currently we allow some brick and mortar stores to purchase prints and certain books wholesale directly from Circus Posterus; the discount varies by product and artist and there is a minimum purchase required with every wholesale order. We are, however, working on offering some of our limited editions wholesale (and limited quantities), as well as an official CP store list – where one’s store will be reviewed and vetted into our system to ensure quality control. We will let you know as soon as this is a possibility.

orders Will you reduce the customs fees on my international order?

By law you are required to pay customs fees in your country and as well to have your documents filled out honestly.

Please DO NOT ask us to label ANY of our shipments in a false way so you can avoid incurring and extra shipping costs or customs fees.

We understand and sympathize that shipping is expensive and at times almost the same price as the piece you are purchasing, but we do not profit off of this, so please do not ask us to prepare your shipment in a fraudulent way. In order to protect ourselves as the seller, we must ship every international package with tracking— this is traditionally more expensive than First Class mail. If you would like us to ship your item to someone you trust within the US so that they can ship it you in a less expensive way, then please feel free to contact us. Please note that all warranties and insurance for shipments are based on our original shipment; we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage after the initial shipment.

orders I have received a broken figure or a damaged good, what should I do?

Contact us directly. When writing us, please explain what the problem is and include photos of the condition of the box, packaging and item that is broken. Also provide any detail shots of the actual problem areas on the figure or CP product.

We will try to respond within 48 hours with a solution or more questions for you about your unique scenario.

Email us here:

art I have an idea for an event, gallery show, exclusive or exhibit that could include a Circus Posterus Studios presence?

Many companies, galleries and event coordinators contact Circus Posterus to either invite the collective or specific CP artists to participate in their experience – whether it’s producing an exclusive 3D figure or colorway, or providing original artworks to an event, etc. If you have an idea where you would like us to have a presence, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have experience in setting up all over the world and possibly could cater to the specific CP experience you are looking for… contact pr@circusposterus.com. Please keep in mind most projects do not happen overnight and most artists require months of advance notice to accommodate their busy schedules.

art How do I get on your mailing list to get news on sales and events?

A form to join our mailing list is on the Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory home pages.

art I have a toy idea or 3D project; will you help get it produced?

Circus Posterus will occasionally help artists who fit into the brand, style, and idea of art that makes up our established collective of artists without them actually having to be part of the collective – but that is a case-by-case scenario, the majority of which sees us approaching the artist, designer or design. Outside of this realm, CP generally does not offer its services to the public or general inquiries from artists and designers to have their toys made. If you are a licensing company, or event promoter and you would like to produce or co-produce a toy figure or idea with a CP artist, please email us at hello@circusposterus.com. We will review that project directly with our artist(s) and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to suggest a toy or 3D project that is not available from a specific artist in our collective, please make your voice heard through The Sideshow message board.

art How do CP’s print and figure editions work?

Most of our projects in print and 3D are ‘editioned’ – which means that CP works with an artist on a project in advance and that artist is involved entirely, from design through to prototype. From there, they are lead director on everything from color to effect to finish and CP helps guide them through that entire process. During this time, we establish with the artist the edition size and pricing. The run-of-the-mill formula (for both prints and toys) is based on a tried and proven formula: ‘actual’ edition size + 10% of an edition for artist proofs, + 1 production proof that is archived by CP. For example: an edition of 100 Bubbleguts is offered to the public + 10 (10 % of 100) going directly to Chris Ryniak, + 1 production proof that we keep. Often artists will allow us to sell their artist proofs directly to fans, which are then often mixed into available stock.

CP does not sell their production proofs and produces them only for the purpose of archiving them. Oddly, many companies do not follow this exact formula, but we feel obliged to keep the market consistent, trusted and dependable.

art Who makes the Circus Posterus toys & figures?

All of our own limited edition and one-of-a-kind figures start with either the artist sculpting them from start to finish, or with industry-leading sculptors and modelers. Their creations are then handed off to high-level 3D form prototyping houses (we have worked with every top toy manufacturer), which are then produced by the highest level production and casting houses in the United States. Sometimes it’s also a combination of the two, allowing the artist and sculptor/ production team to collaborate back and forth. We support local artisans and everything is now made here in the US. Once a figure is made, it goes through CP’s own internal finish/ paint team and then on to QC (quality control) and shipped in to your hands directly.

Each artist decides their level of project participation; some artists choose to sculpt the prototype and paint the entire edition, some will work on site with CP and work directly with the paint team and oversee each and every piece. CP artists, from time to time, license their designs to other companies that display the same level of quality and values and in turn some of them produce figures overseas. It took many companies and projects for CP to realize that what we find most important is helping and working with local/domestic artists and artisans and other like-minded companies; this is our goal and what we strive for.

art Who creates your fine art prints?

Our print department is comprised of a talented team of professional photographers and designers with pre-press histories (traditional offset publishing through digital editions or giclée producing), as well as formally trained traditional printers that oversee all of our print projects.

From books, to digital editions on paper or canvas, to silk-screening gig-posters and fabric, we have top talent on board with all of our projects. Every one of our projects is handled internally and made in the US.

All giclée prints sold on our website and through our retailers are printed here on site with either an Epson 9880 or 7900. Both use archival inks.

art Will you make a custom print for me?

CP will occasionally help established artists that fit into the brand, style and idea of art that makes up the established collective of artists without them actually having to be part of the collective; this is based solely on our time schedule right now but we hope to expand these services in the near future. Outside of this realm, CP does not offer its services to the public or general inquiries from artists to have their prints made, nor will it custom print a specific piece or image from our roster of artists for fans and collectors.

If you are interested in prints from our artists, please visit our PRINTS section to see our available prints – if you would like to suggest a print that is not available from a specific artist in our collective, please go and make your voice heard through our message board — The Sideshow.

art Do you offer blank versions of your toys?

Currently DIY (Do-It-Yourself) or blank figures are not available at this exact moment, but CP is in the planning stage to see how we may offer them to you in many different ways.

The CP site will be forever evolving and as part of that we intend to have a dedicated customizers area in the near future where you will be able to submit your creations and possibly a customizer’s store, where one can purchase parts and pieces as well as DIY and blank figures. This is all a little ways out, so please have patience — we will formulate a way for a fan or customizer to purchase blanks.

art Can I commission or hire out a CP artist for commercial projects, development or design?

Yes, if this is a serious inquiry (marketing purposes, entertainment design, film/animation) and if the concept and style fits the particular look and brand of the specific artist or artists that are part of our collective, then we are interested in hearing about your project. If you are a Producer or Art Director, please do not hesitate to contact us: hello@circusposterus.com.

All of our artists have an understanding if a project filters through us to them — many of our staff come from creative Entertainment backgrounds (Lead Concept & Production through Creative and Art directors) and CP is trusted to be a first line of defense to see if the project is serious and worth their time. All submissions do get forwarded to the actual artist and they make up their mind to contact back directly or through CP.

art I’m an artist, can I join Circus Posterus?

Circus Posterus Studios hand picks its collective of artists after a long “courtship” of getting to know each and every one to make sure our relationships are a good fit.

Most of our artists have years exhibiting professionally, fan bases nurtured over many, many shows (both group and solo); have a past history with licensing and or editions based projects. We only seek out artists who have a unique voice and are confident in their direction. We also only seek artists who we feel we can help market effectively.

We do not normally bring in new beginning artists or designers, but if you feel you really have what it takes and similar ingredients our collective of artists have, than we might be interested in talking to you — please contact us at hello@circusposterus.com (Please understand we are busy and may not respond; it might be the wrong time or not quite the right fit to our studios.)

art I emailed Circus Posterus, why haven’t you written me back?

We try to respond directly to everyone that contacts us, whose subject or concern is outside the realm of The Sideshow message boards. When you receive so many e-mails on a day to day basis from fans and galleries, from time to time they get lost in the mix. So our humblest apologies if yours was one of them or if this happens in the future when trying to contact Circus Posterus. Please first try and find your answers on The Sideshow before you contact us.