Window Shopping: It’s a Grey Day

The real life Stranger Factory store holds all sorts of magnificent toy wonders, but for those of us who do not live in Albuquerque(or do not collect frequent flyer miles like candy), taking very regular visits to the online Circus Posterus store will just have to do!

Inspired by the gorgeous greyscale tones of the new Stingy Jack colourway by Brandt Peters and the Nonesuch Skelve, we decided to do some online window shopping in the Circus Posterus store and compile a collection of similarly wonderful grey and black and white things.


1. Liquorice, by Stephane Levallois. $40. Mr. Levallois also has some original drawings in our Original Art section!

2. Wrecks and Dazey – Fossil Edition, by Joe Ledbetter. Our 3D Editions section is quite well stocked with Ledbetter wonderfulness right now, but this greyscale dragon and bee is definitely a standout. $110

3. Crappy Cat, Tuf Fluck Black Edition, by VanBeater. $48
4. Dark Wippo, by Teodoro Baidu. This is no longer on sale in the store, but Teodoro usually populates his world with brightly coloured 3D rendered characters, so the subdued colour of the lovely Wippo sculpt is a rare treat! They may still be in store at Stranger Factory, so if you’re visiting soon, keep your eyes open and peek in all the little corners. However, we also just released DIY Wippos in the store, as an unpainted resin kit, for $40!

5. Slap Happy, by Brandt Peters. Slap Happy is a Brandt Peters classic, and Stranger Factory is one of the few places that still has them in stock! $55, and don’t forget his loyal companion, Mr. Muggles for $45.

And of course, we have an Original Art section full of greyscale goodies, including the majority of our Art of Narrative show, Jon MacNair’s lovely ink work and Travis Louie’s haunting pencils and paintings…here’s a look at a few choice pieces of original work!


6. Water Orb with Rabbit, by Jon MacNair. $300. Jon MacNair is a master of ink, and this piece from his 2012 exhibition showcases his strong lines and fills. For more of his work, visit our Original Art page!

7. Serenity – Sky, by Andrew Bell. $250. Andrew Bell may be better known for his delightful cartoonish art, but this subtle and introspective sculpture series he exhibited in his Stranger Factory show in 2012 is poignant in a completely different way.

8. Lilah, by Carisa Swenson. $600. This elegant bunny is the picture of perfection, with her complicated cat’s cradle.

Thanks for taking this brief tour through the Circus Posterus store with us! You know what’s even better than window shopping? Shopping. We’ve also restocked recently on prints and t-shirts, so have fun!

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