“Unwound”-Featuring All New Works from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble

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Featuring All New Works from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble

We are excited to announce Unwound, a group show featuring new work from Joe Scarano, Scribe, and Karl Deuble this May at Stranger Factory!

Joe Scarano is NY-based artist known for his goofy, tragic characters that honor the good old days of animation, complete with the friendly, but dingy despair of the 1930s. For our upcoming exhibition, Scarano is bringing plenty of characters to life through 3-D sculpts and a number of paintings, drawings, and mixed media pieces, featuring an edition of Ol’ Stitch Wilson figures, one-off variants of his famous goblin, as well as many new creatures, which we’re excited to see!
D. Ross Scribe is known for his murals throughout North America, most notably in Kansas City, MO, but his work can also be seen across the US, in Canada, and as far south as Mexico. For Unwound, Scribe has found himself exploring a narrative of confronting fears, letting down one’s guard, and what it means to really unwind and enjoy the journey through life. With an unconventional twist on the theme of pursuing one’s dreams in the unknown territory known as the wild, wild west, Scribe is producing a variety of mixed media pieces, acrylic paintings, and custom figures. He will also be in attendance throughout the weekend working on Stranger Factory’s first mural at it’s new location on historic Route 66!

When not at Stranger Factory, Karl Deuble can be found rocking out with his band, working his screen-printing magic, or making art. Through his own signature combination of screen printing, acrylic, and spray painting techniques, as well as good ol’ ink and graphite, Deuble creates what he describes as dim-witted characters that explore the inner workings of random thoughts and the everyday mundane that we humans encounter. For Unwound, Karl’s inspiration comes from the feeling of being unraveled and longing for the past. He wanted to experiment with texture and color as a way to connect each character as a whole, while still allowing each piece to stand alone.

The opening reception is Friday, May 1st from 6 – 9 pm at Stranger Factory. Each artist will be in attendance.

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