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Big CONGRATS to our own Mikee Riggs because he is about to unleash his baby known as Ian the Sewer Creep! 

NYCC-goers, consider this your first and only warning to GTFO because NYC is about to get a whole lot scummier. Originally a gang of ragtag punks and skaters who hung around the waste tunnels of Pelican City, a toxic spill turned the defiled Sewer Creeps from no-good hoodlums into no-good mutants! And now, after months of living in dumpsters, skulking the sewers and doing whatever is necessary to survive, Sewer Creep gang leader Ian is taking a step into daylight for the first time ever this weekend as a part of New York Comic Con.

The brain child of rabid Kaiju collector and Stranger Factory’s own Mikee Riggs of Toys Are Sanity, Ian The Sewer Creep is 7in. of sofubi scum! Designed by Riggs and sculpted by Papagrim Toys, Ian will debut in black factory paint and handpaint versions this weekend via the Monster Island Table (#3317). Factory paints are $60, customs TBA.

Good for Mikee! Now everyone go get one or suffer my look of haughty derision.

NYCC takes place Oct. 11-14 at Javits Center in New York City!

Ok it doesn’t have one eye or one horn and it doesn’t fly but it is a purple.

You loved this fella at SDCC and swooned at the Bewitching II color and now, the Designer Toy Awards have another exclusive for this happy axolotl. Get ready because it is the clear purple colorway of Gary Ham‘s “Wooper Looper“. Like most releases at this award show it is ultra limited  to only 8 copies and only $60. It seems you will have to pick and choose at the DTA award show because you wont get many of these exclusives.

Designer Toy Awards
Oct. 13 at 8pm
Providence NYC
311 West 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

Heading out to NYCC this week?  Need to know what some of your favorite Circus Posterus artists will have there? Time for an easy rundown.

@ myplasticheart – Booth 3313

Doktor A‘s Chester Runcorn “Gin & Tonic Edition” (Pre-release) for $64.99
Ferg x Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat 4″ “Ivory Edition” only 100 pieces

Friday Oct. 12
4 – 5pm – Chris Ryniak

Saturday Oct. 13
4 – 5pm – Doktor A

Dok A’s solo show – A Postcard from New Yorkshire

Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

For a great post on all other shenanigans at NYCC, please visit the great list done by MPH here.


He just made our jaws drop at Bewitching II at Stranger Factory, and now Seymour aka Peter Kelk is on his way to NYCC. Coming more equipped than Batman’s utility belt, Seymour is bringing 2D and 3D work along with himself to the big apple at the Strychnin Gallery Booth #1780. Up first is the “The Colonial Crusaders” limited to an edition of only 100 this play on the DC Comics superheroes is perfect  for the convention, and it is full of righteous mustaches. Then he has an exceptional one off, Colonial Crusader Batman sculpt. This will make all fan boys proud especially considering it comes in a completely awesome handmade case with an extra interchangeable head for the zombie lovers out there. Like the print, Batman’s mustache is pretty epic too. Stop by and say hello to Seymour when there.

NYCC runs Oct. 11-14 at Javits Center in New York City.

The cat is finally out of the bag because RSIN’s dunny is here and going pew pew pew all the way to NYCC..

The 3-inch Agent K Dunny by Pennsylvania-based artist and customizer Rsin features a uniquely sculpted head and vibrant magenta and green paints. Dunny puts his ray gun to work beginning October 12 and exclusively available at New York Comic Con Kidrobot Booth 2909. Limited to 1,200 pieces world wide, Agent K retails for $14.95.

RSIN will also be signing at the Kidrobot booth Friday, October 12 from 12-2pm. NYCC news is shaping up!

It is Con Season! Well, actually it is just a very busy season in general. There is so much good stuff going on that it is hard to keep it all straight, but we will try to keep things flowing.

Here are a few NYCC updates

UME Toys is planning to make a big splash at NYCC with the debut release of their resin piece Dita. UME is also bringing the limited 5 piece edition of DEE-DEE. Dita will be available at the Tenacious Toys booth while little DEE-DEE will be at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff Booth.

The flavors keep coming for Ice Scream Man! I think he is trying to be in that book of world records for flavors. This time around Brutherford Industries brings Green Tea, Red Bean, and Black Sesame to the spectrum. Get them as a set for$52 or one for $20. Only 50 sets. Also, Brutherford Industries signing at the mph booth on Friday at 12pm!

Erick Scarecrow gave us this teaser of PS-BOT too. Maybe more info in the coming weeks. We do know he will be releasing at his booth #3015 the Purple Lust Edition of Kissaki.

The news will be coming in bit by bit as NYCC 2012 approaches, and My Plastic Heart has just announced that they will be have a pre release of the Gin & Tonic edition of Dok A’s Chester Runcorn. The new colorway that goes along with the previous Port, Stout and Absinthe editions will be $64.99 at the myplasticheart booth #3313 during all of NYCC 2012. The man himself, Dok A will be graciously signing Chester Runcorn at the booth on Saturday, October 13 at 4:00pm. NYCC runs October 11-14.