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It seems like we have waited a decade, but finally, Oliver and Mortimer will have a pre-sale via the CP Store on May 15th, along with a brand new print.

If you didn’t see our previous coverage, Oliver and Mortimer the Mortician are two new vinyl figures from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters in partnership with Artoyz Paris. Below are the details:

  • We will be pre-selling all of the figures individually except the grayscale versions which are exclusive to Artoyz. $60 each with each figure limited to only 200 made.
  • We will have a handful of complete sets that will include the exclusive!
  • We will also be offering sets with a new 8.5 x11″ Oliver Mini giclee print on watercolor paper for $140 (includes a matching Oliver and Mortimer set + the print + stickers)

Get ready, because next week is going to be awesome-release-palooza!



Known for his amazing ability to fly over post-apocalyptic lands, Oliver, the amazing bat child will always survive any traumatic world threatening scenario. A harbinger of potential earth shattering terror, you only need to put on your fear mongering hat when his shadow appears above you.

Fear not his carnivorous scavengers. His trusty sidekicks only feed on the dead, preferring the eyes and lips, but will nosh on fingers and toes when the need to fly long distances arises.

Details :
• 6 1/4” tall from bottom of figure to tips of bat ears
• Comes with 2 Scavenger Birds
• (4) Four different color ways to choose from!
• Limited : 200 pieces per color variant


… from Artoyz and Award winning toy designer, Brandt Peters, comes an all new scaled up” limited edition” adaption of his classic narwhal, Mortimer the Mortician. This undertaker originated from Peters’ long sold out Carnies mini-series. Mortimer comes equipped with his trusty straight razor and his favorite bottle of Toxico, embalming fluid. Mortimer the Mortician – keeping stiffs in Caskets since 1932…

Details :

• 6” tall from belly to tip of horn
• Comes with 2 accessories: Straight Razor and “Toxico” bottle
• (4) Four different color ways to choose from!
• Limited : 200 pieces per color variant


It has been a long nine months since we got a glimpse at Mortimer the Mortician at Le Carnaval des Spectresand it looks like this cadaver loving narwhal is back and prepping for an autopsy in your living room!

First brought to 3D form in Brandt Peters’ Carnies blind box series, Mortimer has quickly become a fan favorite with collectors. He has been popping up from time to time in more of Brandt’s paintings and sketches, but now, Mortimer is reappearing in 3D form in partnership with Artoyz Paris

Above, we get to see the Pantone assignments from the Artoyz release, and just like Mortimer, it has “cool” written all over it. Mortimer is full of the little details Brandt is known for – the bowler hat,  the anchor tattoo, thebow tie – this marine mammal is gonna be awesome.

oliver mortimer-print



Keep a close eye in the coming weeks for many new features on Mortimer the Mortician!


Debuting tomorrow evening as part of Le Carnaval des Spectres are two exciting new vinyl figures from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters in partnership with Artoyz Paris! For the first time ever, Kathie’s Batboy makes his debut in 3D form following years of collector demand. Measuring roughly 6 inches and flanked by two bird companions, this masked mischief maker is finally ready for his grand entrance.

Following closely behind is familiar face Mortimer, from Brandt Peters. Popularized by his Carnies blind box series two years ago, Mortimer the Mortician returns at twice the size, wielding an unforgiving straight razor and potent bottle o’ Toxico. Watch your back…

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens tomorrow through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France. The exhibition marks CP’s first group exhibition on European soil and features a collection of new two- and three-dimensional works from Kathie OlivasBrandt PetersTravis LouieChris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu.