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In a little over one month, Scott Radke has wrapped up his second totem commission, this one going out to actress/producer Nathalie Rheims. Standing an astonishing 6’9″ (81″) tall,  the sculpture is crafted from clay and burlap. These just keep getting better; peep the gallery below for close-ups of these enchanting creatures.

Yeah, so like I was saying: Scott Radke doesn’t waste any time. Following last week’s teasers of his second totem commission for actress/producer Nathalie Rheims, comes the next (and final) creatures for the piece, which look to be a rabbit and goddess. I love the movement of this piece  and the liveliness of these creatures despite the totem being a static sculpture. The hunch of the raccoon from all of the weight, the goddess teetering on top … just incredible. Very excited to see it all painted up. More photos to come!

Alright, so bad news first: this pretty much sold as soon as it hit the web, so … we lose. But regardless, this piece must be seen. Lovingly cradling a newborn in her arms, Mermaid is a breathtaking one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture — the second from Scott Radke this week. Pictures rarely do scope justice: measuring nearly four feet tall and a foot-and-half wide (48″x18″), she’s as enormous as she is enchanting. Amazing. More shots after the jump, have a look!

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