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If you’re like me and have been waiting forever for your own Scott Radke commission, my friends, our time has come! For the last month or so, Scott has been on a tear, striking off many a collector’s bucket lists with owls, dogs and — get this — an ELEPHANT. I figured Scott had done it all, but that … that’s a first.

Fashioned from clay and burlap, the sculptures all stand around the 20-inch mark. If you’re looking to get something done by Scott, email him at Scott will also be exhibiting with Kathie Olivas and Stephen Webb at Stranger Factory in April 2013, so be sure to mark your calendars for that, as well!

I know I’ve said this dozens of times, but Scott Radke’s work just amazes me. It’s curious, emotive, delicate and beautiful. For me, it promotes a feeling of peace and balance and if I had to choose only one sculpture to grace my work space, it’d be my Radke.

With that said, if you’ve been waiting to add a Radke sprite to your creative space, now’s your chance. New to Scott’s shop for August is “Untitled” (pink) and “Untitled #2” (green). The former stands 12 inches and is available for $375, while her green companion is 10.5 inches and $350.

Guaranteed one of these have given your heartstrings a little tug, or — at the very least — have made you stop a moment to stare. Enjoy it. And if either is ‘the one’ for you, drop Scott a line at … they’re a steal and you’d be doing your soul good. Trust me!

Scott Radke’s been on a tear recently. Totems, little ladies, raccoons … and now a covey of quail. This would definitely be one of those ‘cover my eyes and point’ situations as these fall into that grey area with art multiples: conceptually, they’re an edition. Yet the sculpts are each handmade and (clearly) unique, giving them all the same appeal as a one-off. In other words: they all look great, are priced great, and the only not-so-great thing is having to choose.

The quail each measure 14″ tall by 8″ wide (give or take) and retail for $350. Not bad, right? And since tomorrow’s Friday, I encourage you indulge in a wee bit of spoiling of yourself. Half of them have already sold (yeah, get on it!) and only numbers 2, 3, 6 and 8 are left. Photos of each quail can be seen on Scott’s site here.

Yeah, so like I was saying: Scott Radke doesn’t waste any time. Following last week’s teasers of his second totem commission for actress/producer Nathalie Rheims, comes the next (and final) creatures for the piece, which look to be a rabbit and goddess. I love the movement of this piece  and the liveliness of these creatures despite the totem being a static sculpture. The hunch of the raccoon from all of the weight, the goddess teetering on top … just incredible. Very excited to see it all painted up. More photos to come!