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We will have more coverage of Dok A’s solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart once the good doktor gets home, but for now we have a special treat. You never know who are fans of a person’s work or friends they may have, but at Dok’s opening, Guillermo del Toro stopped by to check it out. Dok and Guillermo have known each other for a bit, but it is always awesome to see the support. You might know Guillermo from his films like Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and the upcoming Pacific rim, or you may know him from being one of the most awesome and hilarious guys to ever set foot on a SDCC panel! Good to see the meeting of two great minds!

We have been filling you in on updates for the great great great show coming to New York, and now we have more goodness. Harry K Nidd by Dok A is ready for his solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart.

Media commentator, columnist and social manipulator. Harry sits at the centre of a far reaching societal web.
A social networker of the highest order. He manipulates the unwary and influences the masses.
Planting seeds of ideas with one whisper whilst taking credit for others overheard plans.
His ultimate motives are unclear. It just all seems to be a game from which he derives his own dark pleasure.

Look at those legs!

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

Heading out to NYCC this week?  Need to know what some of your favorite Circus Posterus artists will have there? Time for an easy rundown.

@ myplasticheart – Booth 3313

Doktor A‘s Chester Runcorn “Gin & Tonic Edition” (Pre-release) for $64.99
Ferg x Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat 4″ “Ivory Edition” only 100 pieces

Friday Oct. 12
4 – 5pm – Chris Ryniak

Saturday Oct. 13
4 – 5pm – Doktor A

Dok A’s solo show – A Postcard from New Yorkshire

Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

For a great post on all other shenanigans at NYCC, please visit the great list done by MPH here.


Put away your Fifty Shades of Grey because this much better. Doktor A has created a work of pure entomological magic with the writer known as M.R. J. Blackwood for his solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart.

“Writer of pulp fiction, recluse and misanthrope. Montague weaves lurid tales of horror and dark fantasy for several small press magazines. He and his growing band of loyal readers consider his mini epics insightful literature. But the critics, such as his nemesis Oscar Lynchworthy pour scorn on his compositions and deride them as trash. But Blackwood knows he is doing great work and it is simply a matter of time before the world realises his genius”

The meticulousness that Dok has put forth in this show is astounding, and this one is no exception. The storytelling on the typewriter and the discarded paper around, and even the plated exoskeleton is precisely and properly executed. Once again, Dok a puts the bar high for himself.

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

Doktor A wasn’t kidding when he said he had an epic piece coming. Holy gears and cogs Batman, this is amazing! The amount of work going into this and the delicate precision is mind blowing.

Another piece for for the “A Postcard from New Yorkshire” show at myplasticheart in New York, opening Oct. 12th.

This time experience the Museum of Oddities and the robot known as Vladimir Cobweb “The Curator” 

Collector of strange and wonderful things, Vladimir is unfortunately not the most organised of souls.
His Museum of Oddities is a place of wonderment and reflection for the citizens of Retropolis.
The small detail that some of the item’s annotations are a little wide of the mark factually doesn’t seem to have bothered anyone.
To do this piece the proper justice, go to Dok’s blog here to see way more precise images and details especially of all the items in the museum.

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002

Doktor A has amazed us once again. He graciously sent us another sneak peek into a piece for his solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire at myplasticheart. Last time we saw Ernest Longfellow, and now we are proud to reveal Ronald “Buzby” Flashman.  

Speed fiend Ronald has upgraded and restyled his limbs for the ultimate racing performance.
He is possibly the fastest Mechtorian on three wheels, competing in epic marathons of speed and endurance, he is unrivalled.
But he has great difficulty in picking things up
Ronald consists of:

Customised Sketchbot toy by Steve Talkowski
Vinyl, Epoxy resin, ABS, Lead, Glass, Brass, Steel, Vintage box base.
7″ tall. (9″ tall on base.)
Dok’s amazing robots are constantly pushing the boundaries of amazing and never stops with the jaw dropping astonishment. The anticipation keeps growing with every sneak peek into what will be showcased.

The show opens on Oct. 12th from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002


Doktor A has just put the finishing touches on all of the dimensional pieces for his upcoming solo show at myplasticheart this October, A Postcard from New Yorkshire. First to be revealed is this stunning original, Ophelia Grimm:

Chronic nyctophobe, Ophelia is terrified of the dark. Sadly, her grand house was inherited from an eccentric uncle who built it without windows, so she was forced to squander her fortunes on candles…

Miss Ophelia stands 9.5″ tall, or 11.5″ with the vintage brass dome. She and the (seriously impressive) candles are crafted from vinyl, ABS, rubber, lead, glass, styrene, polymer clay, vintage draughtsman’s tools & clock key, and other repurposed treasures.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens at MPH during NYCC weekend, Oct. 12, and is on view until Nov. 11th.


Oooo, this oughta be good. It’s been a little over a year since Doktor A’s stellar UK solo exhibition, Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Daydreams, and he’s now tuning up for a retrobotic steampunk soiree at myplasticheart in NYC this October with A Postcard from New Yorkshire.

“I will have some more adventurous pieces on show,” Dok writes from his studio in the UK. “I have been pushing some boundaries and learning some new skills for this one. More involved and intricate constructions than I have undertaken in the past.”

The show will feature more original creations than custom toys, as well as a new series of ink drawings to complement the dimensional pieces. The Doktor also promises some surprises as he explores new avenues and territories that have been on his bucket list for some time.

A Postcard from New Yorkshire opens Oct. 12th with a reception from 7pm to 10pm. And yes, the Doktor will be in to visit!