Random Goodness

My apologies for not presenting our weekly Sunday endeavor into Random Goodness last week, but I was still in California with Designer Con. Since I am no longer out of pocket, I can properly display interesting things from the interwebs that are a possible delight.

Above, we see the workings of the creative townspeople in  Bideford, Devon, UK, that took it upon themselves to give this poor chestnut tree a “helping hand”. I applaud you good people because this was an awesome thing to do, and brings some flair to the city.

What is this? It looks like a candelabra at a really funky wedding to me, but no, it is actually a living creature. This interesting sea dweller is a sponge! Yeah – a sponge that is in the same family as the thing that mops up some spills in households.  As I said when I was a youngling at the age of 6, “nature is rad!”

For the last random goodness of the week, I leave you with this very tiny cephalopod.

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