A Freaking Gorgeous Print from Travis Louie & Pressure Printing

As soon as Pressure Printing’s Brad Keech laid eyes on Travis Louie’s ‘Sarah and Emmett’ at Copro Nason nearly three years ago, he had to have it. He bought it on the spot and also asked Travis if he could be produce it as a print, to which Travis graciously agreed.

This print took years to perfect. Those familiar with Travis Louie’s work can attest to his brilliance: every strand of hair, fleck of an eye, and fold in the fabric is accounted for. No detail is spared. Ever. So imagine the task of reproducing such immaculate detail as a print. And at less than half the physical size.

The result is quite astounding.

Available now and a run of only 50, Travis Louie’s ‘Sarah and Emmett’ has never looked better. Produced from the original painting, hand-stained with gouache and walnut ink and signed/numbered by Travis. Each print also features an embossed dome over the image and debossed decorative pattern around the image. Paper size is 13″ x 9.5″, image is 8″ x 5.5″. A certificate of authenticity is also included. Really, this is fine art printing at its finest (with photos below to prove it).

Visit Pressure Printing’s blog for a beautiful account of the entire process. The prints are available via their shop, here. Treat yourself.

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