February brings a new two person exhibition direct from Japan to Stranger Factory!

 Tokyo Jesus & Eimi Takano


Tokyo Jesus (on left) and Eimi Takano (on right)
This February, Stranger Factory gallery presents a new two person exhibition “Skulls and Sweets” by Japanese artist couple, Tokyo Jesus and Eimi Takano.

Both artists will be in attendance at the opening reception on Friday, February 5, from 6-9pm. Tokyo Jesus is a self taught artist whose work focuses on complex female characters that live between chaos and sanity. His vision is filled with soft sexual tension, skulls, and what he considers “ruined science.”
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis wife Eimi Takano’s work is an extreme contrast visually with the sugary sweet visions of an idealized childhood. She describes her work as funny, yummy, and cute. Babies dreaming of becoming circus performers, memory bears, and starry-eyed donuts  create a world full of imagination and kawaii style optimism.

Both of their worlds explore the space existing between life and death and celebrating everything that is beautiful and recognizing the temporary of everything that will eventually die.

“Skulls and Sweets” opens Friday February 5, from 6-9pm with a reception for the artists (open to the public).

The show will run February 5- 28


The opening reception will be on February 5th from 6-9pm
and both artists will be in attendance.

Skulls & Sweets will remain on display until February 28th.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106



January brings two exciting shows
to Stranger Factory!

Joel Nakamura: Zen Gardens

Max Lehman: Gods + Goop + Gobbledygook

Joel Nakamura and Max Lehman, both residents of the Santa Fe area, share a common thread as they both utilize modern imagery as well as folk motifs, across various traditions, in their work. January brings their respective, complementary exhibitions to Stranger Factory.
 Zen Gardens will include two bodies of work with about twenty paintings, a few of which will bridge together Nakamura’s conceptualization of Zen garden principals, where we might find war-like creatures in serene and peaceful surroundings, with the Japanese Pop aesthetic that makes his work instantly recognizable.

Gods & Goop & Gobbledygook will feature approximately twenty hand-painted and glazed ceramic sculptures, in a variety of sizes. Lehman’s pieces seamlessly blend his animation-inspired characters against a backdrop of ancient symbolism and in his upcoming exhibition, he invites viewers to not only find their own meaning in the search for knowledge through nonsense, but to consider the possibility that there is no meaning, just mystery.

The opening reception will be on January 8th from 6-9pm
and both artists will be in attendance.

Zen Gardens and Gods & Goop & Gobbledygook
will remain on display until January 31st.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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ws1 Stranger Factory is excited to announce Winter Salon, our annual small-works and editions group exhibit featuring members of the Circus Posterus collective, as well as like-minded friends and family. This group exhibit is an end-of-year holiday party for Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory, and a chance for our family of artists and contributors to all come together for a great exhibit and celebrate another year of creating incredible artwork and limited edition releases under the Circus Posterus banner. This year’s participating artists include Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Genevieve Geer, Tim Lee, Carisa Swenson and many more!

ws2We will also have several new, and amazing, limited edition pieces from Instinctoy in Japan! 

 Stranger Factory will be open during the Nob Hill Shop & Stroll on
Thursday, December 3rd.
Winter Salon will be on display from December 4th through January 3rd.
The opening reception is on Friday December 4th from 6 – 9 PM
and some artists will be in attendance.
Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106



Stingy Jack Swirl (swirl with glow in the dark) edition available this Saturday, November 14 in store Stranger Factory and online through (for North American and Canada sales only.) For other International sales please visit for more details! Stingy Jack Swirl is only an edition of 50, with 25 only available in the US and Canada. 25 only available Internationally through Tomenosuke. Circus Posterus will have this figure available for $95 / we will also have a small amount available at DCon (booth 519) 


Kidrobot and Brandt Peters are excited to announce the release and release party of the first Dunny series in over a year, The 13!!!!!!

Legend has it that a shady eccentric by the name of Lord Strange opened up the 13th dimension one blood moon, and in so doing filled his 13 floor mansion, Infernal Manor, with beasts, creatures and monstrosities of every type. Lord Strange was never seen again… his lair abandoned and sealed from the public since that horrific evening. None brave enough to venture into Infernal Manor has ever returned to tell their tale. Do you dare seek The 13?

If you do… Join Kidrobot, Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas on Friday, October 16th for The 13 Dunny Series release party and signing at 3D Retro! We’ll have food, door prizes and The 13 Dunny series available for purchase! As an event special, a limited amount of chase pieces will be given with a purchase of the full case. This event will take place at 3D Retro in Glendale, CA from 7pm-9pm.

3D Retro
1851 Victory Blvd
Glendale, CA 91201

November brings IN SHADOWS to Stranger Factory, with new works from Cassia Harries, Aya Kakeda, Horrible Adorables,valeri blossom, and Junker Jane!


Cassia Harries is a lead concept artist in the gaming industry and also lead monster maker, as the owner and developer of Monster Mind Sculpts, based in California.

Known for fantastical creatures and inspired by childhood films, such as Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, Harries works take us on a journey that seamlessly blends steampunk aesthetic with light-hearted whimsy.

For In Shadows, Harries will expanding on her Darkskies narrative. Global volcanic activity has left the world with darkened skies and covered in soot. Harries’ brave characters fight creatures emerging from the ashes and return them to the cracks in the Earth, from which they’ve come, in order to restore balance on the planet. Harries will be producing a number of original sculpts and two small editions of her Shadowlings and Blaylocks, each with one of a kind color variants.

Professional illustrator, Aya Kakeda, was born in Tokyo and now resides in New York. Kakeda has produced work for Nike, Nickelodeon, KidRobot, among other dynamic companies, in addition to gallery representation across the world.

Kakeda will be producing between 8 and 10 paintings on wood for In Shadows, as well as some 3D wall hangings, and a small edition of prints. For In Shadows, Kakeda’s work will feature a lone girl navigating between real world and the shadow realm, encountering creatures that only she can see.


Ohio-based artists Jordan Elise Perme and Chris Lees are the wife and husband team behind Horrible Adorables, which are a collection of strange and fantastical creatures, known for their meticulous wool-felt scales.

Horrible Adorables will be producing approximately 20 one of a kind sculpts for In Shadows, as the duo explores a darker theme than usual – merging witchcraft and the dark arts – their creatures are adapting into familiars, representative of natural plants with magical properties, expressed through each creature’s hybrid appearance.


valeri blossom is a mixed media artist in New Mexico. Her work is characterized by it’s curiously playful approach to darker subjects as a world of curious children and curiouser monsters, collide.

In Shadows has provided blossom with the opportunity to expand on a narrative that includes childlike monsters, which prove to be more friendly than frightening, and the humans that traverse the galaxy in brave pursuit of exposing the shadow to light. We can expect to see 8-10 original paintings from blossom, for In Shadows, on wood and canvas.


Catherine Zacchino, or Junker Jane, is an artist in Oregon, whose handmade dolls are known for their monstrous appearance and vintage appeal.

For In Shadows, we will have approximately 10 Junker Jane pieces, including original art dolls and wall hangings as Zacchino explores the thin veil between the seen and unseen and the supernatural creatures that exist there, waiting for you to catch just a glimpse!


In Shadows will be on display from November 6th through November 29th.
The opening reception is on Friday, November 6th from 6 – 9 PM
and many of the artists will be in attendance.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Do you dare to seek The 13? We are excited to reveal the first and second teaser trailers for The 13 Series by Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas! Mark your calendars for the October 16th Release Party & Signing at 3D Retro in Glendale, CA! Read more here:

“The 13″ Dunny Series by Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas
Director: Martin Meunier
Score: The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Brandt Peters
INSTAGRAM: @brandtpeters
FACEBOOK: Brandt Peters

Kathie Olivas
INSTAGRAM: @circusposterus
FACEBOOK: Kathie Olivas

The Peculiar Pretzelmen
INSTAGRAM: @m_incroyable
FACEBOOK: The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Martin Meunier