Stranger Factory is thrilled to present a new exhibit in January from returning artist Phil Noto!

Phil Noto’s “Galaxia 76″ finds Noto’s signature style in top form, as the artist brings beautiful new characters to life, inspired by the over-the-top stylings of 1970s exploitation cinema. Few artists are able to capture the subtleties of human expressions like Noto, and it’s impossible to look at his works without being drawn in immediately. The beautiful understatement of human expression is Noto’s playground, and combining his mastery of the human face with this vivid and bold era of cinema makes for a exhibit of truly breathtaking work from this comic industry veteran.

Please contact our Press Manager with any additional requests for artist information or show images.

The exhibit runs January 9th – February 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, January 9th from 6 – 9 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

HQ1Ever since the news got out that Brandt Peters was invited to be part of the artistic elite for DC comic’s Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, we have all been waiting and shaking back and forth in anticipation like Arkham Asylum inhabitants! Well, the big day is almost here and Brandt is giving us an even bigger present!

DC comic’s Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 releases this Wednesday, December 10th at your favorite comic retailers, but if you are in the ABQ area, there is a special treat going down at Stranger Factory on December 12th! Stranger Factory is holding a special open house this Friday!  Brandt will be offering original pages from the comic for sale as well as development sketches from the story. He will also have a small amount of the issue available for purchase! You can also bring your copies for him to sign.

That is some holiday cheer right there!!!
Grab your issue of Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 and head down to Stranger Factory this Friday!



Literally hot of the presses, Kathie Olivas’ new art book “Safe from Tomorrow” is now available!
To coincide with her opening at AFA NYC, Kathie’s new Circus Posterus published art book is 98 full color pages of Kathie’s brilliant work.
The book come sin two editions with of the standard book and a sponsor pack.
The normal edition can be found here and consists of:
98 Full Color Pages

      Features new works from Olivas’ upcoming solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years
      Published by Circus Posterus Publishing
      Comes signed by the artist
      Edition: 1000
      Size: 9″ x 12″

While the Sponsor Pack contains far more and can be found here:


        98 full color pages
      Soft cover
      Features new works from Olivas’ upcoming solo exhibition at AFA NYC + selected works from the past 6 years
      Published by Circus Posterus Publishing
      Comes signed and sketched by the artist
      Sponsor pack also includes: 13″ x 19″ exclusive print (Alice Between the Moon and Stars) Ed. 100
      Includes 3 postcards
      Edition: 100 Sponsor Packs

Grab you a copy now in the Circus Posterus store!

We love seeing the various customs from our many artist friends of the Wandering Misfits and Jay Hollopeters’ vibrant painting style has always been one of our faves. This year, he’s bringing a mischievous Angel and Devil pair to the Winter Salon, complete with adorable little wings(the angel) and tempting ice cream cones(the devil, obviously).

Come check them out at the Winter Salon opening at Stranger Factory – this Thursday, December 4th!


Little Angel Little Devil

Lana’s perfect little laser cut and painstakingly assembled bird skulls have been a favourite around these parts for a while, so we were delighted to see these new versions, festooned with delicate embroidery.

These one of a kind skulls are gorgeous, and we cannot wait to show them to you in person!

Titled “Bone China,” there will be three of these available at Stranger Factory’s Winter Salon exhibition, opening this Thursday, December 4th, with online sale requests open the following Monday.

DSC_0053 DSC_0084

We’re pretty excited to take part in Albuquerque’s Shop and Stroll event this THURSDAY! Our store will be open late from 6-9pm to have the opening of Winter Salon and John Paul Gutierrez’s show, Creatures of Growth.

PLEASE NOTE: Our opening this month takes place on Thursday, and not our usual Friday – we may have mixed some messaging up while announcing our opening date, but Stranger Factory will also be open late on Friday, for any of our wonderful customers who may want to get a head start on their holiday shopping!


I think we have been waiting on this for an eternity ever since we first heard about it! Finally, we get a teaser of Brandt Peters’ version of Harley Quinn!

Brandt was approached by the fine folks at DC Comics to contribute his version of Harley for her Holiday Special that releases next month, and we couldn’t be more stoked! We love every bit of this -from Harley’s winter ensemble to her roller derby style kneepads, to the small Skelve mask on the bow of the package!


Winter Salon IV & John Paul Gutierrez

December brings a new solo exhibit, as well as our yearly winter group show!

December 2014 brings us two new exhibits….a solo exhibit of new work by John Paul Gutierrez, and our yearly Winter Salon group exhibit!

The Winter Salon is our yearly group exhibit featuring members of the Circus Posterus collective, as well as like-minded friends and family. This group exhibit is an end-of-year holiday party for Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory, and a chance for our family of artists and contributors to all come together for a great exhibit and celebrate another year of creating incredible artwork and limited edition releases under the Circus Posterus banner. This year’s participating artists include Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Lana Crooks, Cassia Harries and more.

John Paul Guiterrez’s new solo exhibition, “Creatures of Growth”, brings this local Albuquerque talent to Stranger Factory for his first solo exhibition. His drawings and acrylic paintings create a surreal world where flora and fauna are sometimes indistinguishable from one another; sometimes as one, co-existing as distortions in a phantom reality. Guiterrez transports you into his dream-like landscape that is familiar enough to draw you in but strange enough that you cannot look away until you’ve decoded every dense layer of symbolism and iconography. Best described as “naturalist meets surrealist”, Stranger Factory is excited to bring you new works from this incredible talent.

Both exhibits run December 4th – 28th, with an opening reception on Thursday, December 4th from 6 – 9 PM to coincide with the local Albuquerque Shop and Stroll events! Some artists will be in attendance.

We’re back from DesignerCon, and right back to work! Thank you to everyone who came out and said hello, bought our work, or came to a signing. We are happy and grateful to call you our collectors, because you are the best people in the world.

We’re previewed these figures at DesignerCon, and now we finally have the rest of our inventory in stock! Both figures are $95 each, or buy the set for the price of $175. Like the others, the heads switch out!

DCON Bitter Mantis

The Bitter Mantis colourway, with switched heads!

 These figures will be available on Saturday, November 15th (12 PST) through  and available internationally on November 16th(11am – Japan) through 
Only half of the edition (30) will be sold through America only, including Canada), and the other half (30) will be sold through only).

Edition: 60
$95 (each)

Edition: 60
$95 (each)