Kathie Olivas ‘Haunted’ Solo Exhibition @ AFA NYC Oct. 20

Hot diggity damn, if there’s one thing that makes me squeal like a school girl it’s Instagram pictures from Kathie Olivas showing a barricade of easels resting new paintings, while every tabletop is blanketed by the weapons of her craft: brushes, tubes of paint, thinner, and the like. We have some serious magic being concocted and, New York City, I’m happy to report that it’s headed to you. Opening Oct. 20 at AFA Gallery, Kathie’s solo show, Haunted, features new 2D works that pick up where last year’s Sweet & Sorrow left off.

The exhibition is still a ways away so expect many more sneak peeks as Kathie prepares what’s already looking to be a stirring exploration of survival after the fallout.

  1. heidi said:

    Hi Kathie, We LOVE the way the show is coming together. All of us… :) The work looks PHENOMENAL! Mon Dieu! You are on fire!! xxx -heidi!!

  2. Victor said:

    WOW — great so far…

    Can’t wait to see you in NY. Maybe you can sketch something on my arm…

    Another tat? Hmmm…

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