DrilOne goes Micro for “Empty World”

Micro2For his upcoming exhibit “Empty World“, our resident patina expert DrilOne is shrinking down his Drones to micro size. The Drones made their first full sized appearance at the Circus Posterus booth during Designer Con, but now Dril is bringing a blindbagged micro series into the mix.

Each of these much smaller versions of the well armored-gas masked bad boys will come in their own litho printed bags, ready to stand guard next to their bigger cousins . Besides this, there aren’t too many specifics yet, but by next week, we will all be in the know as the show opens.

Micro1DrilOne’s “Empty World” along with Leecifer’s “Long Dogs” and Jason Limon’s “Foretell”  open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.


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