DIY Mini Crumbeaters and Bubbleguts

Do you know what we like to do with already adorable sculpts? We make them even adorabler. You may already have seen some of our orange and green DIY mini Crumbeaters at DesignerCon, or in store at Stranger Factory.

Now, we’ve also shrunken our favourite pastry hoarder, Bubblegut, into a slightly miniaturized 4″ DIY version. Although – we’re pretty sure that that belly of his is still bigger on the inside.


We’re happy to tell you that both our resin DIY mini Bubbleguts and DIY mini Crumbeaters will be available for Migration at Stranger Factory on March 1st, and any that remain will make it to the online store in mid March! The details really shine on these scaled down guys, and we cannot wait to see what our creative followers cook up on this charming platform. We will be updating y’all with the price shortly.

Both Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd will both be on hand for the opening, so if you’re coming to the show, don’t forget to tuck a Sharpie in your pocket! As per Stranger Factory opening night tradition, some Rebel Donuts will likely be on hand, but due to the recent influx of these fat critters, we cannot promise that they’ll be many left for you.

(Below, a Ryniak-enhanced Mini Crumbeater, and Meltdown Dunny, from DrilOne’s Flickr photostream, acquired at Designercon)


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