Circus Folk: The Fans of Chris Ryniak


It is so rewarding to see the palpable joy and sense of achievement from all the Chris Ryniak collectors out there! Chris has had many years of creating amazing monsters, and his devoted fans have resoundingly applauded his unique, expressive and detailed style.

Like we did for Amanda Louise Spayd, we would like to showcase the CMR collections of his many numerous devoted fans out there. We have cooked up a shimmery, wide eyed, melting pot of Ryniak collections to get you all excited for Migration next week, so clear off your desk, prop your feet up, and gaze at the wonderful world of Chris Ryniak.

(above, Wil Holder’s collection)


Will Holder has an extensive Muscamoot and Ryniak glow in the dark collection! We assume he’ll be adding some of Chris’ new glowy 8″ Dunnies to the collection soon!


Ethan Gould has recently added Chris’ ghosts from last year’s Les Carnaval Des Spectres to his collection! These original sculptures are absolutely beautiful.

EthanGould2 EthanGould4Ethan also has a comprehensive collection of CMR production pieces, including many Freyjas, Bubbleguts and Crumbeaters, and the rare Cuspid Skelve.

StephWalsh1 StephWalsh5 StephWalsh6 StephWalsh7

Some of Stephanie Walsh’s collection goes back to the very early days of Chris’ customizing career, even when he did custom vinyl pieces. Chris doesn’t work with vinyl much these days, and rarely customizes figures that are not his own,  so getting to see some of these old works is a treat! Chris has definitely evolved and tweaked his style over the years, and it’s wonderful seeing his talent for creating poignant and resonant expressions shine through more with every new sculpt.

CMR elder stone spore bearer
CMR green orange 1 CMR pink blue 1

Jason Spanier is another avid CMR collector, and his groupings of CMR sculpts by colour are an art form themselves! Look at that orange and green collection! And the blues and pinks! It also showcases Chris’ eye for colour and an understanding of how his work will always produce a cohesive collection.

CMR postcards 2

CMR stinky ginger

CMR frankenstein 1 CMR wood 2

A few more things from Jason’s collection! If you love Chris’ painting and drawings , you can get a copy of his postcard set and his Shadows in the Periphery art book in the Circus Posterus store now.

aaroncooke1 aaroncooke2 aaroncooke3

Aaron Cooke is another prolific Ryniak collector. Aaron’s collection of Muscamoots includes some gorgeous customs,  and that custom Junior is also beautiful! It looks like he has a set of all production Crumbeaters so far too!

RichRefvem1 RichRefvem3 RichRefvem5 RichRefvem6

Rich Refvem’s collection has a bit of a zombie lean – I’m not sure that anyone else has a zombie Freyja, zombie Bubblegut(mini and full sized!) AND a zombie Crumbeater. The row of Snyboras is crazy adorable too!

EduardoOlegario1 EduardoOlegario2 EduardoOlegario3

The earthy tones of Eduardo Oligario’s collection are lovely, and I am particularly envious of that toothy Button Eater, another very old school CMR piece. There are certainly quite a few CMR fans coveting that Baby Blewgle(the blue dragon) from last year’s Year of the Dragon show at Dragatomi as well.

For more collection images, including some rarely seen early CMR sculpts such as his Midwestern and Hater(his first two hand casted resin sculptures!), check out the “Post your CMR” thread on our forum, the Circus Posterus Sideshow!

If you like what you see here and would like to start or add to your very own monster collection, be sure to sign up for the mailing list on Stranger Factory’s homepage to ensure purchase opportunities for Chris’ work.

Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Migration” opens March 1st through the 31st at Stranger Factory (109 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106).


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  1. Rich Refvem said:

    Beautiful write up, Brad, and lovely photos from everyone’s collections! Chris’s work is all the more impressive when so much of it can be seen together! Thanks for the honor of having my collection being included in this stellar group.


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