Circus Folk: Michael Manikus


It is time for another edition of Circus Folk! This time around, we are showcasing a portion of Circus Posterus Sideshow member Michael Manikus’ collection. Michael took the time to snap some images for us in his Virginia home, and we asked him a few questions about his beloved pieces.

CIMG2364“Product of Nowhere” from Camilla d’Errico


More of the collection after the jump!


CP:  We notice you have a love for prints, and do you have a favorite?

MM: Favorite print I own: Man, that’s like trying to pick a favorite band or food. Each one I own means something for different reasons! For the sake of picking one, I would have to say Tara McPherson’s “George Picking Flower Skulls” it was the first print my wife got me for my birthday a few years ago for Christmas. I think the reason I put it as my favorite would be because she may not understand why I collect certain things but she tries to come up with things I will like, and it meant so much that she took to time to look for something cool for me!


Gotta catch em all


CP: What was your first CP piece?

MM: During 2011, I attended my first Comic Con in San Diego, and saw (and missed) every Skelve there. After kicking myself a few times for not being able to grab the Red Death and Violet Skelves, one of my friends bought the Red Death for me. Not knowing who the seller was or what he was up to(a high profile flipper), she paid around 200 for it. I keep it not just because I love the piece, but also as a reminder to stay away from flippers.

Some of the toys in Michael’s Circus Posterus collection are available in the Circus Posterus Store!

4 Legged Starry Midnight Masao Skelve || Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack


Tara McPherson, Annie Owens, Dok A, and Camilla d’Errico prints.


Beast Brothers


CP: Oh, a Miyazaki fan! What is your favorite studio Ghibli film?

MM: Tonari no totoro or Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away) toss up. Pretty big fan of most Ghibli works but these two stand above the rest for me.




Thank you, Michael, for being part of Circus Folk and showing us your awesome collection. Look for more collections in February!


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