If you are reading this, you are more than likely an art lover, and today is the last day to get something shipped to you for Christmas arrival! So give the gift of art!

In the Circus Posterus Store, we have a variety of original artwork waiting for new homes from plush to paintings and sculpture.
A few examples are:

Valency’s “Nightshade 2”.
Shroom5WShing’s “Coral Studies 1 and 2”
khor_s_coralstudies1and2WJoe Scarano’s “Journey to Pleasure Island”
HVNWJen Musatto’s “Jasper Pumpkin”

And there’s tons more where these came from — right over  here.
*If these are to be delivered for Christmas, please inform the store when ordering



IMG_5039We haven’t seen this beastie known as Freyja in quite a bit, but it looks like a few have come out of their summer slumber period for Winter Salon III!

This low edition of 10 Winter Bloom Freyjas by Chris Ryniak make their cold weather migration to Albuquerque this Friday for the exhibit. You should probably be warned that these guys are on the endangered species list and we will not see them for very long.

The Winter Salon runs December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.



b712b2e654bd11e3803b1276cb13382f_7One thing about the cold winters, it gives great artists like Carisa Swenson time in the warm studio to work. Psssh…they don’t need an excuse to get to the studio!

The creativity is pouring from Carisa’s work space. We know she is a busy bee, but we did manage to get a few progress images for Winter Salon III again. This is still  developing work, but Carisa is sculpting the beloved mythical animal of North American folklore, the Jackalope.

So far, we can see three stages of her Jackalope development here: sculpting, painting, and squishy body creation. Above, we can see the head sculpt taking form. Below, starts the paint application, where many fine details come into play. Finally, (after a small time skip) the body creation and placement! Since Carisa is known for dressing her creations in a delightfully anthropomorphic style, we will just have to wait a bit to see what her genius mind thinks up for the completion.


See all the work when Winter Salon opens December 6 at Stranger Factory.


imageMore Designer Con news!!! Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear) will have Single Horned Grave Beast one-offs available for $200 at the Circus Posterus booth #400. Mounted on wood, these uni-horned bugs are all expression filled and ready for the Pasadena Convention Center. Have those tentacles been grabbing powdered doughnuts?

This is a prime opportunity to pick up original art like these beasties by Shing and have a fun conversation. Shing is a delight to talk to and her vast knowledge of comics, art, bugs, and weird things knows no boundary.

Designer Con
November 9-10, 2013
Pasadena Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A & B
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Gary Ham is full of playground mischief for his upcoming show at Stranger Factory! Once again a favorite on the playground, this Merry-Go-Round shows another duo of kids spinning until their hearts are content(or until they barf).

merrygoround_redo_3 Merrygoround_redo_4

I’ve been really loving Gary’s take on simple childhood pleasures, and his anthropomorphic playground equipment is certainly no exception.

But – that’s not all! They move too!

“Sentimentrees” by Gary Ham opens November 1 at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm.

Oh. we can’t sit on these too long because we far are too excited.

We have some updates to a previous post on what Gary Ham will have at his show “Sentimentrees“.
Boxboy_Ham_3_hires (1) Boxboy_Ham_2_hires (1)Oh, the hours upon hours of entertainment a discarded cardboard box could bring. It was always a fort, star ship, base, tank, or solace away from siblings. A good cardboard box could be anything at anytime. Box Boy is that embodiment of our youth.  You can see the joy (taped) oh his face along with that of the two little ones having the best day ever with him.

“Sentimentrees”  by Gary Ham opens November 1 at Stranger Factory with a reception from 6-9pm. Gary will be present!

Get ready to break out the “aww” and “ohh” sounds, because for Designer Con 2013 Chris Ryniak has a brand new monster in the works.
Meet the 3.5″  Fuzzlethump! He’s full of big eyes and is rubbing its hands together, like it has conceived a master plan to obtain all your Halloween candy while you sleep. He probably is in cahoots with Chris’ Bugbites for fiendish plans!
For the convention, Chris will have 10 of these little fella all cast and painted by him up for grabs. Seeing as the con is over two days, we will probably spread them out over both of those. Have you got your tickets yet?

Fuzzlethump 2 Fuzzlethump

Ramps_WIP_HamWe got in some in progress shots from Gary last night for his show “Sentimentrees” coming up at Stranger Factory in a few weeks, and we can practically smell the fresh-cut wood. Who doesn’t love the aroma of some fresh sawdust?

(ed. note: many people do not like the smell of fresh sawdust, Brad.)
Merrygoround_WIP_HamFrom the two glimpses into Gary’s woodshop, we see the beginning stages of some wood work he is doing.

Continuing with the theme that embodies our childhood treasures and memories, it looks like Gary has transformed our beloved amusements into walking personifications. The halfpipe will make all the old skaters relive their days of pushing around skateparks for hours while trying not to twist an ankle. The spinner was always one of the most popular playground treats. We would always try to go as fast we could until sick or make someone fly off. Is there an adult park I can go to do these right now?

“Sentimentrees” opens alongside Ragnar’s “Engine” on November 1st at Stranger Factory with an opening reception from 6-9pm.


Shing is a weenieWe are keeping the Designer Con train rollin’ with news from Shing Yin Khor on some of the goods she is bringing to the con. Usually, Shing has her own booth not only with art and comics but an accoutrement of snacks and juiceboxes. This year, Shing joins the Circus Posterus crew in a citadel of carnage! Ok, there isn’t a citadel or carnage…just a big booth with a ton of great stuff.

Speaking of great stuff, Shing has a new Autumn Fattybug edition wobbling our way. This low low edition of only 5 chubby wubblies are all slightly different from one another, expressions, personalities, appetite, and all. Be ready because DCON is less than a month away and these bugs are getting restless!


By the looks of her recent submissions to Bewitching III, I think Shing Yin Khor has been watching a proper amount of little sloths in onesies on youtube!
skhor_snugbugThis Snug Bug looks like a tiny Cthulhu swaddled in a wee sweater. Six arms and four antennae don’t hold a candle to that pudgy belly! Made of resin, epoxy resin, wool, acrylic, and wood, Shing has made her own version of the classic Weird Tales story line.
skhor_mutantrockbugShing also dives into the X world with her Mutant Rock Bug. This poor duder has many bad things going for him. I don’t think this guy is hanging out with the morlocks, but is more about doing belly flops into a pool of toxic waste. Tentacles growing out odd parts of rock, weird crusty things appearing all over, and more eyes than Blinky the Simpsons fish are what make him so darn cute! Leave it to Shing to bring cute into mutant bugs! Gotta love it.

You can adopt these bugs when Bewitching III opens at Stranger Factory October 11.