Cardboard Animals Oh My!

A while ago I was at a friend’s place and saw this odd little cardboard deer on the wall that had me intrigued. I have seen all kinds of cardboard art, animals, and so on, but this had my attention. My friend wasn’t much help on where she got it, but thanks to google and the 10 minutes I had to spare, I now know that Cardboard Safari out of Charlottesville,Virginia is the culprit. Utilizing local business, recyclable, and non toxic material these sustainable creations go from nice faux wall mounts to the size of a small dog. You wont see the haunting taxidermy eyes in the deer wall mounts but an easily snapped together laser cut imitation of a majestic animal.Their catalog of goods isn’t only animals but rocket ships, wreaths, and more. Seriously, the skull is sweet and that rhino is awesome.



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