Camille Rose Garcia Announces a Ridiculously Fun Contest!

Better than finding the marble in the oatmeal on Stanley Spudowski’s clubhouse, Camille Rose Garcia says she is “announcing a ridiculously fun contest”  We know Camille has lots of fellow fans out there so watch her site because every Friday, she will be adding new items for the masses. From her blog, we can anticipate seeing new prints, dolls, card sets, and items from her personal stash.  Now the scoop on the contest says that anyone who places an order until Dec. 15th, is entered into a raffle to win three awesome prizes.

Now for the good stuff!

1st prize winner gets a hand-painted Peppermint Man doll customized with the winner’s name.
2nd prize winner gets a “Doomsday Animals” print set by Pressure Printing.
3rd prize winner gets a surprise it seems.


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