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Stranger Factory Gallery





Both exhibitions run MAY 5-28, 2017
Opening Reception: May 5th, 6-9 PM

Strange Days
Solo exhibition of new work in Main Gallery

Kathie Olivas new solo exhibition “Strange Days” opens Friday, May 5, with an opening reception with the artist from 6-9pm. The exhibition of new paintings, mixed media assemblages, and hand made art toys focus on a brave new world of personified chaos and transformation.

Through her current body of work she explores society’s insatiable desire to morph innocence with vulnerability and our discomfort with the unknown. A dark blend of early American portraiture set in post apocalyptic times, her paintings and hand-made art toys are a satirical look at how fear and isolation affects our sense of reality.

Kathie Olivas is an internationally exhibited multi-media artist from New Mexico. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida. As a co-owner of Circus Posterus Inc. and Stranger Factory Gallery, Olivas has helped build the contemporary art toy market by curating and participating in exhibitions of narrative art throughout the world.


Carnival of Lost Dolls

Jen Musatto creates “Them Dollz”, a line of handcrafted plush dolls that evoke a sometimesbroken and gloomy image of childhood where innocence and the longing for companionship take a most unusual form. Her “rag doll” figures are nostalgic and reminiscent of the sewn faces of characters from her childhood like Raggedy Ann.

Made from a combination of new and found materials, Musatto’s art figures are each wholly unique and provide a fresh, if slightly creepy, voice in modern plush art.

Both exhibitions run MAY 5-28, 2017
Opening Reception: May 5th, 6-9 PM

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This April at Stranger Factory

an introduction to ritual and tradition in the outer colonies of space



Shing Yin Khor

Apothecary: an introduction to ritual and tradition in the outer colonies of space

“Apothecary” is an art installation and narrative about the legacy of an outer colony space apothecary obsessed with Old-Earth, and also about the persistence of ritual, the space immigrant diaspora, and the obsessive nature of archiving and collecting. Visitors are invited to explore the cabinet installation, discovering and unraveling the story of Theodore Lee, a recently deceased space apothecary.

“As a sculptor, cartoonist, and installation artist, I build stories that explore diasporas, the compulsion to create and collect ritual in a disordered universe, and awkward, yearning, human emotions. Rooted in my personal history as a woman and immigrant from a postcolonial country, my themes are often inspired by old museums, cabinets of curiosities, pre-Linnaean taxonomy, and the quiet horror of colonial era collecting.”


Leslie Levings

Guide to Minor Gods and Household Spirits

Ever since the first humans painted on cave walls, creatures have featured heavily in our history of art, storytelling, and beliefs. The urge to envision something larger (or smaller) than ourselves as a vessel for our subconscious has often manifested in ways both profound and childlike, reminding us that the distance between the two might not be so great.
Leslie uses creatures to poke at the deep, old places of the psyche. Inspired by the human urge to personify emotions and explain the irrational, her sculptures explore the relationship between beliefs and the believer through beasts that invade familiar settings with the persistence of an uncomfortable thought.


David Santiago

Local artist David Santiago’s first solo exhibition at Stranger Factory “Speckle” emphasizes one of the predominant features of his work: freckles.
“I’ve always been curious with how many people hated having them. They possess so much personality; the random, yet organized chaos they emit is hypnotizing to me, like that of stars in the night sky. In fact, if you look close enough at the faces in my work, you will begin to notice that each cluster of freckles is actually a constellation in disguise.”

His artwork explores a fascination with body language.
He focuses on creating people with very subtle expressions, as though they are hiding a secret. Looking into a straight face creates an uncertainty inside of you, a feeling you want to resolve.

APOTHECARY: An introduction to ritual and tradition in the outer colonies of space / GUIDE TO MINOR GODS AND HOUSEHOLD SPIRITS / SPECKLE
Runs from April 7th – April 30th – 2017

Opening Reception for these three solo exhibitions: Friday, April 7th from 6-9pm
(The opening is free and open to the public.)

All three artists will be in attendance for reception.
The Gallery and its gift store are open 5 days a week (closed Mondays or Tuesdays). Please check for updated hours
during Albuquerque Rapid Transit Construction.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Paul K slide 2017

Stranger factory is proud to present our March mid-month event with sofubi (Japanese soft vinyl) toy artist, Paul Kaiju. Paul is a designer, sculptor, and painter working away at his sofubi/kaiju creations in sunny San Diego, California. Known as much for his custom paint work as for his original toys such as Boss Carrion, Paul’s work is recognized as some of the best in the American Toy scene.
 Paul Kaiju will have a limited amount of hand-painted custom figures at this one-night opening reception. It is a very limited engagement and any available figures after the weekend, will be put up for online sale on Monday, March 20th by 12 PM noon (PST) in our online store on

In person sales on Saturday will require a raffle wrist band that will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, starting Saturday, March 18th 12 noon through 7:00 PM (UPDATE 3/17/17). Numbers will be randomly picked and called at 7PM. Must be present to participate in the lottery.

One item per person. No additional in person sales over weekend once a piece is purchased Saturday night.

No phone calls or emails will be accepted until the following Monday, if any pieces are still available.

Stranger Factory Gallery




Two solo exhibitions featuring new works by Karl Deuble and Patt Kelly

MARCH 2017
Stranger factory will be presenting two new solo shows opening March 3; “Abundantly Dim” by resident multimedia artist Karl Deuble and “Circle of Life” by Patt Kelly.

Both artists work in a complimentary abstract, illustrative style of portraiture that focuses on humor and is often charmingly grotesque. Deuble’s graphically layered mixed media work focuses on unique, often goofy characters lost in their own mundane worlds. Kelly’s work incorporates iconic cartoonish characters in a dreamy watercolor simplicity that narrate complex social situations that openly mock the human condition in a way that reminds us it’s ok to laugh at ourselves.

The exhibition opens with a reception with the artists on Friday, March 3, from 6-9pm.
ig1Karl Deuble is a screen printer and musician living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He received his BAFA from the University of New Mexico in 2006. Through his own signature combination of screen printing, acrylic, spray painting techniques, ink, and graphite, he creates what he describes as dim-witted characters that explore the inner workings of random thoughts and the day-to-day events that we humans encounter. Deuble will be showcasing about 22 new pieces, including original paintings, screen prints, and 3D plush figures.


Patt Kelly is a Boston based illustrator who creates editorial work, comics, product design, and concert posters. Obsessed with cartoons and comics, Kelly attended Massachusetts College of Art and graduated in 2002 with a BFA in Illustration and has been working as an illustrator ever since. His editorial work has been seen in various magazines and newspapers all around the world.

With books published by Top Shelf Digital and Hic&Hoc Publications, Patt Kelly’s comics have received accolades from The Society of Illustrators and Publishers Weekly

ABUNDANTLY DIM and CIRCLE OF LIFE will run from March 3rd – April 2nd 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, March 3 from 6-9pm
(The opening is free and open to the public.)

Both artists will be in attendance for reception.

The Gallery and its gift store are open 5 days a week (closed Mondays or Tuesdays). Please check for updated hours
during Albuquerque Rapid Transit Construction.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Stranger Factory Gallery

Two man exhibition featuring new works by Tim Lee and Joe Scarano


Coming to Stranger Factory in February 2017 is a new exhibit called “Old Growth“, featuring new works by visionary narrative artists Tim Lee and Joe Scarano.

Tim Lee’s work combines music, Americana, pop-culture, and bits of Southern Gothic, entwined together in nostalgic worlds and imagined time. With elements of cubism mixed with an Eastern European folktale feel, Lee’s multi- media work evoke a distictivly bold graphic style and flavor. He will be presenting new drawings, paintings, and 3-d sculptures.

Joe Scarano’s characters and environments recall the odd early days of animation and the dingy despair of the 1930s. With their popsicle-stick bucktoothed grins, hollow heads, and dead eyes, his characters often straddle the lines between funny, tragic, grotesque, and comically depressing. Scarano will be featuring new 3-d wood cutout paintings that create a new inner-dimensional vision of his 2-d characters.

OLD GROWTH will run from February 3rd – 26th 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3 from 6-9pm
(The opening is free and open to the public.)

Both artists will be in attendance for reception.

The Gallery and its gift store are open 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays). Please check for updated hours
during Albuquerque Rapid Transit Construction.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106



Stranger Factory’s
Made in New Mexico Group Exhibition

Stranger factory is so pleased to announce our January exhibition!

For the first time in our 6 year history, Stranger Factory gallery will host an exhibition of new works featuring a diverse group of artists from the land of enchantment. “Made in New Mexico” will feature almost two dozen local artists from throughout the state. Many of the artists are expected to attend the opening reception on January 13, from 6-9pm.

The exhibition will run through January 29.
Participating artists, include: Ryan Singer, Stephan Webb, Karl Deuble, Joel Nakamura, Peter Hague, Johnpaul Gutierrez, Sandi Pierce, Stan Harada, Dorielle Caimi, Travis Black, Al​ Na’ir Lara, Jason Andrew Smith, David Santiago, James Black, Nikki Zabicki, Bubzilla, Rita Riggs, Chris Erickson, John Sumrow, Chris Grill, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters!

Made in New Mexico will run from
January 13th – 29th, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, January 13th from 6-9 PM
Many artists will be in attendance for reception.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Stranger Factory’s Sixth Annual Winter Salon
Stranger factory is so pleased to announce our sixth annual group winter exhibition!

Our small works annual group show is an end of year celebration and one of our most exciting exhibitions, featuring new artwork from many local and international artists. This year’s talented line up promises to provide a variety of enticing alternatives for the upcoming gift-giving season including original sketches, paintings, sculptures, plush, and jewelry!
Participating artists, this year, include Horrible Adorables, Dark Town Sally, Anna Tillett, Fika Art, Creeptoons, Danita Art, Michele Lynch, Carisa Swenson, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Karl Dueble, Stephen Webb, Vanessa Ramirez, Stan Manoukian, Kelly Tunstall, Kelly Denato, Genevieve Greer and more!

Winter Salon VI will run from
December 2nd 2016 – January 1st, 2017
Opening Reception: December 2nd from 6-9 PM
Many artists will be in attendance for reception.

 Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Contest Time!

Ghosts and ghouls, in celebration of Bewitching 6, and our favorite time of the year, we have an epic Halloween Contest with the most spooktacular guest judge Dark Town Sally!

Stranger Factory wants to see how you decorate for Halloween!!!!

The rules are simple: Show us your Halloween decorations!
We want to see any pumpkins you carve, house decorations, setups of toys with a spooky theme, cupcakes you make, and so on. You get the spooky idea right? BUT you must use the hashtag #StrangerFactoryHalloween so we know you have entered.

The prizes are awesome: Two winners will receive a custom Halloween treat bag filled with goods so awesome the Great Pumpkin is jealous!

The deadline is Wednesday, October 26 at 9pm CST to give our captivaiting judge Dark Town Sally time to pick a winner.

Only TWO will win, but all will have a blast participating.

The contest is open to EVERYONE and each contestant is allowed as many entries as they want!

Good luck and Happy Halloween.

Stranger Factory is pleased to announce to three exhibitions in November: What Lives in the Attic, featuring new work from Dave Pressler, Neofeudalism with new work by Lori Field, and Out of Thin Air with new sculptures from Simon Boses, A.K.A. Mudmonkey.


Dave Pressler is an Emmy-nominated television producer with more than twenty years of experience as an illustrator, character designer, sculptor, and painter. With his combined skills, Pressler is also known as one of the most prolific robot artists and believes it’s easier to draw and explore all aspects of the human condition with flawed sentient machinery.

Pressler considers himself a blue collar artist and finds time for some robot creation, or another, each day. He has worked for Nickelodeon and DreamworksTV while creating his own designer toys, sculptures, and paintings, which have been shown and sold in galleries across the world, including Titmouse Studios, Copro, Mighty Jaxx, and Toy Art Gallery, as well as many others.

For What Lives in the Attic, Pressler will offer more than 20 pieces, of various sizes and mediums from pen and ink sketches, acrylic paintings, cast resin sculpture and original pencil drawings. A limited edition of giclee prints will also be available. Pressler will also be hosting a workshop at Strange Factory on Sunday, November 6th (details below).


With Dave Pressler

With over 20 years of experience in character design, art direction, and animation, Emmy-nominated artist/animator Dave Pressler is excited to announce his upcoming seminar Visual Storytelling alongside his exhibition at Stranger Factory. If you have ever wanted an in-depth look or introduction into character design, visual storytelling, and storyboard techniques then this workshop is a must!

Dave will outline the basics of character design, its relation to story telling through pose, gesture, and visual development while relating back to his professional experience. He will additionally teach basic storyboarding techniques: the cornerstone of good visual storytelling.

An excellent introduction for anyone interested in animation, illustration, or character design, Visual Storytelling will be held Sunday, November 6th from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm)

Workshop: Sunday, November 6th
Workshop is 3 hours long (12:30 PM – 3:30 PM)
$50 per student
Space is extremely limited
Students 18+ only
Bring your own sketchbook, and drawing supplies / A limited amount of sketchbooks, storyboard books, and drawing supplies will be available for purchase, day of event.
To book your spot, contact the gallery by emailing or calling 505-508-3049


Lori Field explores the border between reality and dream, past life and present, and invokes subliminal, mysterious worlds through her mixed media drawings, paintings, and sculptures.

Submitting to an obsession with obsessiveness, materializing the concept of “other,” Field’s work is deliberately intimate, containing fetishistic figures that are emotionally charged, and perhaps confrontational in their exaggerated “otherness.”

With more than 15 years experience, Field’s work is known in galleries throughout the world and her raw and primitive symbolism is manifest in shape-shifting archetypes as she creates an intuitive narrative surrounding internal and external struggles of what it means to be human through themes of loss, rebirth, identity, fragility, and vulnerability.

For Neofeudalism we can expect to see a variety of one of a kind mixed media pieces from bronze sculpts to hand-painted wearables.


Simon Boses of Mudmonkey Studios has been sculpting for 20+ years. His ceramic sculptures range from small “toy” sculptures known as TerraNauts to larger pieces, each unique and individual from start to finish. Mudmonkey figures look like they’ve just stepped out of the pages of your favorite children’s book with a softened, vintage finish, reminiscent of tribal tricksters, mysterious but more kind-hearted and inviting than mischievous.

Boses is working on 20 original, hand painted sculptures for Out of Thin Air, which is appropriate as he is used to being at sea level, but recently moved to New Mexico, creating his latest narrative figures at an altitude of approximately 7000 feet.

All Exhibitions will run November 4th – 27th, 2016.
Opening Reception on November 4th (6-9 PM)

All artists will be in attendance on opening night.

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106