A side of Dr. Seuss You Never Knew

THIS IS ANN…..she drinks blood!

Her full name is Anopheles Mosquito and she’s dying to meet you. Her trade is dishing out MALARIA! If you’ll take a look at the map below you can see where she hangs out.

She can knock you flat so you’re no good to your country, your outfit or yourself. You’ve got the dope, the nets and stuff to lick her if you will USE IT.

Use a little horse sense and you can lick Ann. Get sloppy and careless about her and she’ll bat you down just as surely as a bomb, a bullet or a shell.

The above text is from a WWII booklet educating our armed forces on Malaria (ANN), and the booklet is illustrated by Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. I am not sure if Dr. Seuss did the text since the rhymes aren’t as prevalent, but just the image alone of a mosquito drinking a goblet full of blood is nothing short of amazing.The use of popular culture art, cartoons, and comics were greatly utilized by the government for the war. The covers of World’s Finest comics showing Batman and Superman pushing citizens to buy war bonds are famous, and now seeing Dr. Seuss do an instructional booklet for malaria is equally impressive.

Oddly enough, these tips are still good today, and with the recent development of mosquitoes carrying west nile virus in the states, it doesn’t hurt to know!

source Laughing squid

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