A journey to the end of the rainbow (Bwana Spoons’ studio)

20140312_162649_resizedIt seems only fitting that  we take you to the end of a rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day. The pot of gold you find there, is the rainbow maker himself, Bwana Spoons!

The man, the myth, the skateboard loving artist we have come to know has graciously allowed us access into his color filled studio, and you know how much we love seeing where the artists work!
So, while you wait to consume green beer, see where all that rainbow magic happens.
Click more for the tour!

20140312_162536_resizedA very open and nature filled space.
20140312_162544_resizedLook at the giant Killer in the corner!!! I know many people that have a giant Killer as their holy grail of collecting!
20140312_162554_resizedComfy too!
20140312_162609_resizedAnd we get to see some of Bwana’s collection!
20140312_162635_resizedWhere the paint hits the canvas!
20140312_162704_resizedAnd speaking of canvas…we will have more soon at Bwana’s exhibit at Stranger Factory running April 4th – May 4th, with an opening reception on Friday, April 4th from 6 – 9 PM.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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