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With the release of a new batch of glittery CP x Tomenosuke sofubi ready to be released next week, we thought it would be a good time to show off an amazing sofubi (and more) collection. Leecifer, besides being a brilliant artist, also has an amazing collection – from classic vinyl and sofubi, to original art. He also has an unprecedented Stingy Jack collection and is seriously salivating waiting on the new red glitter Jack next week.

We were planning on asking Leecifer some questions about his collection, but he gave us an perfect account already!


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I guess the place to start is that the collection as it is displayed now is a fraction of what it was.

We went from 12 Detolfs, many shelves and the wall space of a 3,000+ sq ft home to a single 10′ x 16′ office. All the large art is in storage and we got rid of as much of the collection as possible. I must confess, it pains me not to have the entirety of the Strangeco collection out in one place. There were cases w/ all Super7, w/ all Circus Posterus and wonderful misc vinyl artists. Also, cases of my own work (show prep, commissions etc) piles of plush, and art for days.

The following varies every time I try to recall it, but this is the gist of the toy/art collection’s origin. With the exception of the multi-armed armed army men I horrified my family with by making as a little kid, some of the first pieces I customized were Bounty Hunter and expensive kaiju stuff gotten off e-bay. After visiting Kozik to drop off my “Panda Meat” submission (and drool at the MASSIVE collection of toys in his apartment), he mentioned this new place opening called Kid Robot (way cheaper fodder). I butchered 4-5 cases of series one Dunnys and we had 30-40 8″ Dunnys plus innumerable other pieces in the collection before I began working w/ the Super7 guys. Enter the Kaiju Detolfs. But to back up a bit – about the same time as we first went to Frank’s, we began scaling back our 2-D art purchases. I still had walls and walls of gig posters (my initial participatory passion) from our first house and we had become largely West Coast-centric in our art buying. We discovered StrangeCo before ever setting foot in KR and they remain today my favorite toy co. The artist roster made up for the crappy production value, (knowing even then, that the gold stuff would slowly melt into toxic shmegma) as it was all the artists we had been buying 2-D work from. The association w/ Super7 turned out to be great fun and I began to curate shows, work odd events/SDCC, paint house product, moderate the custom forum page, and produce vinyl toys (well, multiple color ways of ONE toy lol, the Honoo) and of course collect toys, toys, toys!!! 
Although I had heard of Kathie and Brandt, and was familiar w/ their work, it wasn’t until I was in a group show, at Wootini, w/ her that I was able to acquire one of Kathie’s paintings (the little Jackalope Misery Child on the teal background). In fact, the only other two pieces of art we currently have hanging in the house are Kathie’s “Resuscitate” and Brandt’s “Mummy Gator” in the bedroom we currently occupy. But, backing up again, when I finally got a good look at their figurative stuff, it became apparent to me, what Kathie and Brandt were producing was a truly nuanced, highly stylized, hybridization of art and 3-D figure (toy) along w/ their wonderful paintings. Beautiful pieces, strong on personal vision (lovely sense of ephemeral history), impeccable execution and just plain fun. Circus Posterus has their shit together and it’s a true honor and pleasure every time I get to participate in one of their projects or shows! 
Oh, and I’ve been saying this for years (despite the fact that I failed w/ several toy co’s to produce one) that pumpkin heads would one day be the new black! Eventually I’ll get off my ass and produce one of my own.
You can see more of my collection and my own stuff via
Instagram/Twitter: leecifer1

Goon_WIP2Time for another installment of one of our favorite things to bring you here on the CP blog, “Work in Progress” images. With work in progress shots, we get to see the development and thought processes that go into creating all the magnificent work for Stranger Factory, and this time we go inside the studio of Joe Scarano.

Up on the easel is Joe’s “Goon” for the upcoming Deadeyes show at Stranger Factory. A classic throwback to the golden days of animation when a toon’s eyes would pop out of their head at the sight of a gorgeous lady or delicious hot food! Topped with a sad party hat, this character screams mischief-maker from the start. We will show you the finished piece down the road once Joe works more of his magic, but for now you can stare at all the detail and shadows like I have been.
Goon_WIPDeadeyes runs March 7th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 7th from 6 – 9 PM.

traveling circusWell, all the artists are settled back at their homes, the fans in attendance are all still rejoicing, and we want all of you to share in the wonderment that was the Traveling Circus at Rotofugi.

Many braved the cold and cancelled flights to attend the show in Chicago, and we are truly grateful. If you couldn’t attend the show (like me) we have a deluge of images from the opening thanks to Jason Spanier. Now everyone can share in the festivities, and don’t forget that there is still plenty of amazing work still available right here on Rotofugi’s site.

I get pretty abnormally gleeful when artists send me pictures of their studio, and I was definitely quite happy when Robert Hoggard decided to oblige me!

His contributions to the show with Joe Scarano and Tim Lee, Deadeyes, at Stranger Factory in March, promises to be a delightful amalgamation of enthusiastically interactive robots. We first saw Robert’s work at Stranger Factory for Bewitching last year, where his Theremin Bot charmed the hell out of everyone present.

Robert agreed to ask some short questions, so here they are, interspersed with awesome pictures of his workspace. :)


Circus Posterus: Where does the inspiration for your robots come from? 
Robert Hoggard: 
It actually varies. Sometimes, it’s an item I find that begs to be made into something. Take the pulse bot from the Bewitching show, I found a silkworm specimen encased in acrylic and knew it had to be in the chest of a robot. Or, I can find inspiration in a specific antique case or box that I come across.  Many things I do come to me when I’m trying to go to sleep and I think, “I wonder if I can make _____ and get it to work?”

CP: What sort of wonderful found things go into the making of a robot? 
RH: Well, my theremin bot was inspired by the “Halloween” theme of the show and the case I found for it. It was a vintage traveling preacher’s case. It just seemed like whatever I put in that case needed to be heard.

CP: What are your three favorite tools – the ones that you’ve come to rely on so much you feel like you wouldn’t be able to make anything if it didn’t exist in your shop?
RH: Soldering iron, Dremel tool, and magic sculpt!


CP:  What’s your background? How were you first drawn to electronic fiddliness?
RH: I spent many years in the computer industry. In my spare time I worked on building elaborate Halloween display items for my house. With the help of my friends and family, we would completely decorate the house and yard after dark on October 30th with sophisticated electronic and mechanical displays.


CP: Your Theremin-Bot was a highlight of the Bewitching show! Can we expect more wonderful interactive robots from you in March?
RH: Most definitely! There will be some with motion-activated lights, one that you connect to with a mobile device, and one in the works with a video screen.

Thanks, Robert!


Deadeyes, by Robert Hoggard, Tim Lee and Joe Scarano, runs March 7th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, March 7th from 6 – 9 PM.


Many thanks to all our friends who braved the chilly Chicago weather to come hang out with us at Rotofugi last Saturday night! The show is now up and available for purchase – check out the show preview right here.

Above is Brandt Peters’ and Kathie Olivas’ Spiritus Canis, a 15″ resin and found object piece that is still available. I call it the “Sausage Skelve” in my head – don’t tell them that.


If you are interested in purchasing from Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus”  Group Exhibit at Rotofugi, please read below.

For this exhibit, Rotofugi’s normal gallery preview will NOT be sent. Attendees of the opening will have first chance to purchase exhibit pieces. Rotofugi preview list members who can not attend will be notified of available pieces after the opening, but before the general public. Thanks for your understanding.  Line tickets for gallery purchases will be available at the store beginning at 11am on Saturday (the day of the opening).

Exhibit continues through March 9.

The Circus comes to town tomorrow if your town is Chicago. That’s right, the highly anticipated spectacle known as Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” sets up the tents at Rotofugi Saturday night!

We have been previewing all kinds of sideshow fun from the artists the past few weekes, and we thought we would give Chris Ryniak a little love now.

CMR_Ice_Root_Frizzled_CabbagewortIce Root Frizzled Cabbagewort
CMR_Fan_Eared_FennicusFan Eared Fennicus
CMR_Coal _Dust_GourdwortCoal dust Gourdwort

Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 through March 9th. 

Mystery Tooth150

The Mystery Tooth
acrylic on board
oval frame convex glass

They creep into bedrooms at night and remove rotten teeth from sleeping humans’ mouths. They then replace the tooth by embedding themselves into the jaw line.

These creatures are mostly harmless and are actually stronger than regular teeth. They give off a sweet minty odor and often mask the smell of tooth decay and gum disease.

Most people who have them only notice them when they eat ice cream or an ice chilled drink because it loosens their grip on the gums which may cause them to fall out.

This slightly derpy guy from Travis Louie makes me smile every time I look at him. I think he will too for all of you attending Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi this weekend.

Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” is two days away!

We have had you waiting long enough for previews of Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters’ work for the show, so without further ado, here is a small sample.


Specteral Alchemist

bpko_bubblegumjack_rotoBubblegum Jack

bpko_spirituscanis_rotoSpiritus Canis

bpko_reddevilmidi_rotoRed Devil Midi

Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 through March 9th.