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More SplurrtWho doesn’t need more Spurrt in their life? Well, we all need more Splurrt, and opening this week  “Lost Worlds” at Stranger Factory will have enough for almost everybody!

Joe Merril aka Splurrt will have 20 one offs at the show (a few seen above) along with other greats like Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Goccodo, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and more. This show will feature numerous 3D sculpts, paintings, and more monsters than my nightmares have ever encountered. A show for the kaiju record books!


Stan Manoukian is an incredible painter and illustrator, but his foray into vinyl toys has been just as stunning! We are happy to present an opportunity to pick up some of his toys as part of the Lost Worlds show – below are some of his Kondo colourways which will be available.



Of course, there will also be a special Stranger Factory colourway in our favourite vintage Halloweeney colours…we’ll show you that one real soon!

“Lost Worlds” opens this Friday, August 2 at Stranger Factory!

dfe2ab8ef45711e2a52322000a9e02f9_7One of the newest members of the Circus Posterus band of misfits, Carisa Swenson aka Goblinfruit Studio is well on her way to global recognition with her appearance in Monsters and Misfits III in Takeyama, Japan.

Continuing with her strategically designed curious creatures and aberrant animal creations, she has sculpted, stitched, and painted the 15.5 inch tall,  conjoined, sideshow-destined Barnabus and Baxter. One body, two heads and all amazement!

While you see Baxter screaming at the distant sea with a sort of blissful melancholy before he reaches Japan, you may wonder what magnificent manner of creature Barnabus and Baxter are exactly. They might resemble a rat, a mole, but they are in fact – a Bilby. Not known to many of us on this side of the pond, Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores that inhabit Australia, but soon they will travel great lengths and will be gleefully parading with the rest of the Circus Posterus anomalies, as Monsters and Misfits III is only six weeks away.



IMG_1256People were asking for us to drop something fresh, and we listened with “Astro Unkotsu” by Goccodo! This is a brand new sofubi that just popped out of the mold last week, and now it just waits for the illustrious paint application from Shige-san. Without getting detail from the crew themselves, we are not totally sure what the swirled brain skull is on top (hoping for ice cream), but we do love astronaut themed releases with rayguns!


The finished version will be ready to blast off at “Lost Worlds” opening this Friday, August 2 at Stranger Factory.


Bruise Carrion and Biter JackTo get every one amped up for “Lost Worlds” and the Paul Kaiju workshop “Mini-Figure Sculpting“, we are stoked to show you two more pieces for the exhibit, Bruise Carrion and Biter Jack!

You will notice that these two creations are definitely the heads from Paul’s kaiju world but the bodies are that of a familiar Circus Posterus sofubi – Stingy Jack! Adorned with Paul’s masterful painting application. the colors stand out and the forms fit perfectly to equal stellar one of a kind pieces!

We will reveal more soon from “Lost Worlds”, so keep checking back!



Boo skelve

Get ready for the release of the Mini Glow in the Dark BOO SKELVE! Another piece of resin goodness casted by Adam at Truecast Studios and sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative. Both have done a stunning job!

The Boos are just over 5 inches tall to go along with the sold out Mini Greeter that was released earlier this year, and a perfect taller sibling to the Boo Skelve that will be in the Cardboard Spaceship x Circus Posterus mini series (did you pick up a blank at SDCC?).

These will start haunting on Saturday, July 27th on the Circus Posterus web store. An edition of only 55 these boos wont lurk forever, and they are only $80.

sdcc18It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times… it was SDCC. Actually, it was just crazy, packed, exhausting times! All the Circus Posterus artists and staff at the convention had an amazing time. Thank you to Cardboard Spaceship for having us all out because it was a blast!!

On that not, we bring you just a few pictures from the San Diego Comic con because we were really busy.

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We’re just dropping a whole lot of new things on you this week, and we haven’t even fully recovered from the madness of Comic-Con.

Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope is out in a new colourway, “Wicked”, from our collaboration with Tomenosuke, this time inspired by old timey vintage Halloween! For the first time, her body is a clear vinyl, and her painted bits are as lovely as ever.

Toy: Calliope Jackalope
Artist: Kathie Olivas (Header Card comes signed by artist)
Colorway: “Wicked” edition
Edition size: 80
Price: $95

For North American collectors, these will go on sale at the Circus Posterus store on Saturday, July 27th, in small allotments starting at around 11am!

International collectors can pick her up at Tomenosuke, on July 27th, 11am JST,


Hey, remember this awesome Stingy Jack that Leecifer customized for his show in February, LONG DOGS? We liked it so much, we decided to make a sofubi Stingy Jack colourway based off it. Check out that gorgeous fade on the face, and that wonderful little nose!


Toy: Stingy Jack

Artist(s): Leecifer X Brandt Peters (Header Card comes signed by both artists)

Colorway: “Blu” edition

Edition size: 30

Price $95

* This is a production toy by Leecifer – not a hand paint! 

For North American collectors, these will go on sale at the Circus Posterus store on Saturday, July 27th, in small allotments starting at around 11am! This is one of the smallest Stingy Jack editions to date, so don’t miss out!

International collectors can pick Leecifer’s Stingy Jack up at Tomenosuke, on July 27th, 11am JST.

Meanwhile, we’ve long sold out of Lee’s Stingy Jack customs, but we still have his wonderful Big Sal custom, as well as a Jack and Lucky custom in stock!

SplurrtLook at those cute eyes, bloody stitches, and a smile that looks straight out of my gross anatomy lab! We now have some images of Cadaver Kids that the almighty Splurrt (Joe Merrill) is bringing to “Lost Worlds” at Stranger Factory.  

The exhibit is going to be legendary for all fans of kaiju and beyond with Splurrt and all the artists bringing their A-games! The paint detail on the Cadaver Kids alone is exceptional, but when you add in all this collective talent in one place, prepare for Cthulhu himself to come down and stop all the awesomeness from stealing his spotlight! You have been warned!