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devil boyYesterday, we showed you another sketch from  Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard SpaceshipWe even dropped an image of Brandt and Kathie figuring out Pantone colors for some of the misfits! Today, we’ve got a sketch of Devil Boy from the series. There’s definitely classic Olivas style here – the eyes, lips, and little hat! I don’t know if Devil Boy will start purring in a second or…go for my carotid.

We got more Wandering Misfits news coming, so keep checking back.


Our favourite rustmaster DrilOne just let us know that he’s releasing some new shirts over at his store, and they look incredible! They feature his soon-to-be-classic Drone character design, as well as a ColdWar-esque logo. There is more information on his site, so please visit to learn more!

DrilOne says: “The Cold-war Olive and Lime Clean Drone will only be available during pre-order. They will not be printed in these colors again. Women’s sizes and 3XL-5XL are also ONLY available during pre-order.

Buy a shirt before 03.19.13 and you will be entered into a raffle for a hand painted Mini-Drone per each shirt order.”


If you are enthralled by DrilOne’s Drone design, we still have a few custom Drones left from his wonderful show in January, Empty World in our store. These are hand-casted and hand-painted from a original sculpt by DrilOne. I’m partial to the Orange Rust Drone, but these lovely custom paints are also available in Cotton Candy, Pink Warhol, and a small Warhol Camo edition.


We have a prescription for current conditions of cold rain, snow, and general malaise, and the answer is a heavy dose of blank green Bubbleguts and Crumbeaters by Chris Ryniak. You can call these little monsters DIY, unpainted, or just blank, but even with their singular color, they are adorable and constantly hungry. If you want to give one of these green (not queasy) fiends a new home or a trip to a buffet, you can because they are now on sale in the Circus Posterus Store. 


THE FINE ART OF CHARACTER DESIGN is a beginner’s class based on ideas and tips for building and designing effective, expressive and memorable character designs. We will be focusing on specific fundamental processes and theories, such as R&D (research & development), visual impact, shape breakdowns, defining styles, character story, color theory, space and volume, and caricature. We will also be discussing creating character turnarounds, conveying personality and finally – polish and presentation.

The class will be two hours long with an additional hour held over for Peters and Olivas to review and critique your in-class drawings and designs.

Only 20 spots are available for this unique workshop and will be just one in a series of planned character design workshops from Peters and Olivas(together and individually).



This class will be taught by internationally recognized fine artists and award winning toy designers: Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas. Originally development artists and designers for film and animation, as well as the theme park industries, their combined past character design experience includes working for such film and animation company greats such as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and Spyglass Entertainment (MGM), as well as industry leading toy companies such as Kidrobot and 2013 Academy Award nominated Director David Silverman(longtime Simpsons’ director and producer). Both artists have designed for feature film, feature animation, television animation (3D and traditional), comic books, video games (platform and arcade) and even have crossed over into self-producing their own character based projects.

Date: 4/7/13 (Sunday) / 2 – 4 PM (review and critique until 5pm)


DURATION: 2 hours (+ 1 hour for critique and review)


SUPPLIES: Students should bring their own sketchbooks and/or notepads, and personal drawing tools. Stranger Factory will also have newsprint sketchbooks and drawing supply sets on hand… Please let the staff know in advance if you will need supplies.

To reserve your spot, please contact as soon as possible.


YES! Another sketch from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas  Wandering Misfits Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship has popped up! This time, we get a glimpse at Kathie’s Bear Suit Elizabeth. Of course, she has her tentacle like arms wrapped around a lollie, and those eyes imply quite strongly that you will not be taking it from her.

We’ll be showing you many more sketches from the series in weeks to come…then we’ll really do your head in with some 3D models and process pics. Stay stoked because this series is right around the corner!

Like, for instance…


IsthisawormWhat exactly is going on here in this little slice of a painting from Kathie Olivas? Tentacles, stripes, and a worm-like appearance? There definitely looks to be more on the top and bottom…or middle, we can’t really be sure. Maybe it’s kind of like the paintings in the first room of the Haunted Mansion?

So far, what we have seen from Kathie’s exhibit Scout has got us on the edge of our seats! Hopefully we will have more soon on this one.

Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Scott Radke’s  “Interface”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will be held April 5th from 6-9pm, and Kathie will obviously be present!

Getting progress images from Stephan Webb is always a real treat because it always offers little insights into the bronze casting process. This time, he has sent along a hand carved wax of an owl skeleton(left). This wax model will be molded, and then melted away to be replaced by hot molten bronze.

I threw in a picture of an actual owl skeleton(right), so you can marvel at Stephan’s accuracy and detail! I’m excited to see what else gets incorporated into this skeleton, and I’m certain that Stephan will not disappoint us.


Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game” opens at Stranger Factory on April 5th. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm, and Stephan will be present.

Last week found Miss Stinky Ginger going out to sushi with the Stranger Factory family, and she seems none too pleased about it. Perhaps she doesn’t appreciate watching her relatives being eaten, but we also have it on good account that she never really cared much for wasabi.

(from Kathie at

This image was snapped by Brandt Peters( and features the delightful Valency(painter and Stranger Factory wrangler extraordinaire), Mikee(store manager, and default whipping boy) and Aubrie(gallery manager and damn classy lady). Pickled Ginger is in the middle, being accosted by Mikee.

Mikee took this picture( and oh boy, she is one grumpy root.

If these delicious images of Stinky Ginger (Pickled Ginger colourway) have piqued your interest(and tastebuds), we still have a couple left in stock at in the store for $89! She is an edition of 120, with 60 of those being allocated to North America/Stranger Factory. Bring her home for dinner today – she’ll add some spice to your life!


What is Scott Radke working on for “Interface“?

A little tail, stubby arms, and a dunce cap…oh my!! And…what is that face? I will confirm that it is not Tobi’s mask from Naruto, but we did purposely obscure the image so you can use your imagination. We like keeping one or two secrets over here. If you happen to figure it out yourself, we might have a surprise in store for you. We will reveal more and more in the weeks to come(and more Radke loveliness), so keep checking back!

Scott Radke’s  “Interface” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” ”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm.