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KO internetLast week in our campaign to show all the places you can stay informed on your favorite CP artists, we gave you all the internet links of awesomeness for Brandt Peters. 

This week we give you all the tools necessary to stay up to date on KATHIE OLIVAS.

Below you will find all the links for Kathie.

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Mini greetersWe saw the release and quick sellout of the glow in the dark Mini Greeter a couple weeks ago, now, Kathie Olivas is hand painting some of these resin beauties for Scout!

The capes are getting adorned with new color, the noses striped, and the masks are ready to greet us all at the opening.

Painted Mini Greeters Rule

Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Scott Radke’s  “Interface”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will occur April 5th from 6-9pm.


Brent Maloney Kathie Olivas Sketch 1

The exhibit “Scout” by Kathie Olivas is only one week away at Stranger Factoryand we thought it would be nice to get everyone pumped by showing off some of the amazing sketches Kathie has done for fans over the years! Many of us carry our sketchbooks around in hope of catching our favorite artists with a couple moments to spare to do a quick doodle, and Kathie is more than gracious when she has time to accommodate all of us. Sit back and enjoy a few of Kathie’s delicate and expressive sketches!

RadkeSkelve1We gave you a teaser earlier on some Skelves Scott Radke is working on for his show at Stranger Factoryand now we are pleased to fully reveal three of them! Scott takes the classic Skelve platform and combines it with his own defined style to create a brand new Skelve look. The Radke Skelves are both familiar and new, but they are undeniably mysterious and charming. And the details – that pointy burlap cap, perfect little painted heart and tiny rivets! Scott will have numerous Skelves available for the show, and so we don’t spoil it, we are only showing you a small sample. These faces grow even more expressive with each look, so study them carefully!




Scott Radke’sInterface” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” ”, and Stephan Webb’sEvolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm.


Before you get overwhelmed with the awesomeness of Monsters and Misfits III, coming to Takayama, Japan in September, pick up the 2012 Monsters and Misfits II Screen Print Set

This 5 piece set contains iconic characters by Doktor A, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.This amazing set perfectly embodies the legacy of the 2012 Monsters and Misfits show, and is an outstanding 2D companion for many of the recent 3D sofubi releases of Stingy Jack, Stinky Ginger, Calliope, and more. This hand pulled, hand signed, and numbered prints screenprinted by Tiny Bird Press are an edition of 125 measuring 8″ x 10″ on French Speckletone paper.

5 prints are only $125, and can be found in the Circus Posterus Store here. 

Amanda Louise Spayd Screenprint for Monsters and Misfits II

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Hide your neck and eat a ton of garlic(or don’t), because the Red Death Vamp Greeter will be creeping into the night at Kathie Olivas’ SCOUT.

This new Skelve edition comes cloaked, with a blood red face and pointy incisors. A true sanguine creature of the night (or day, really)! We will have more info soon on the edition size and all the blood dripping juicy details, so keep checking the blog!


Scott Radke‘s “Interface” opens April 5th at Stranger Factoryand we are still excited to show you what he has in store for all of us.

If you combine our love of signature Radke burlap with antlers(a perennial Stranger Factory favourite), magical things happen! Combined with a classic Radke face that depicts both a sense of innocence and nobility, you have a truly inspiring work of art.


Scott Radke’s  “Interface” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” ”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm.


Another day brings us another look into Stephan Webb’s slightly charred studio space. “Messy art – welding some bronze skeletons together!” he says, and we love the mess he makes. The owl skeleton that we last showed in hand carved wax has now been cast in bronze and looks appropriately majestic. We cannot wait to see this beast completely welded together – Stephan’s brand of sheer sculpting talent mashed up with his nerdy love of natural history is going to produce a glorious show.

Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game” opens at Stranger Factory on April 5th. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm, and Stephan will be present.


For the next few weeks on the Circus Posterus news/blog, we will be giving you all the links to stay connected to all our amazing artists. Basically, we will showcase how you can stay up to date on all the current news of the artists we know and love.

This week, we bring you Brandt Peters!

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skelve power

Kathie Olivas just sent us an image of her “studio mess” and it looks like she is working on a gorgeous Skelve for her show “Scout“. We hope to see more soon, but we definitely love fourteen inches of Skelve.


Look for this Skelve and more from Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Scott Radke’s  “Interface”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will occur April 5th from 6-9pm.