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Kathie Olivas

It goes without saying, that we all love our sketchbooks, but the collected sketches of Sarah Jo Marks are breathtaking. One early morning before Designer Con, I was getting a tour of DKE by Sarah Jo and haphazardly started telling her about some collection showcases we were doing here at CP, and this is when I learned of her extensive collection of bee sketches she has acquired ranging from Mark Ryden, Kathie Olivas and Ferg to Coarse Toys, Audrey Kawasaki, and Craola.

Sarah Jo, being the second half of DKE and a day one attendee of Baby Tattooville, gets ample exposure to great artists and with a simple nudging – glorious sketches! After a few months of compiling the index and working on her second volume. we finally get to see some of the honey she has been collecting for years. We also get to comb her brain with some thoughts on why she chose bees as a topic, so sit back and drool over this remarkable sketchbook and see what Sarah Jo loves about her bees.

Ron English

 Ron English

CP: I have to ask the most obvious question, why bees?

SJM: When I started collecting bee sketches in 2009, I had a lot of reasons. First off, I just love bees. They are magical. They pollinate plants to help grow our food! And let’s face it, bees have not been well. What if bees stopped doing their magical chores and humans had to pollinate things in labs to create food? Ew! So, I figured that bees just need our support. And sketches of bees (for the most part) look at them in a such a beautiful light. Sure, a bee could sting you….but…hopefully that won’t happen. Plus, my Dad was sick and he was a master gardener. And lastly, I was sort of hunting for an image to use for a bee tattoo. I’ve put off the tattoo for a while though. And I am just going to stick to sketches….for now.

Chris Ryniak

 Chris Ryniak

 CP: Will you continue on with bees into new volumes or have a new concept soon?

SJM: I plan to stick with the bees. I have one full book and am filling up a second one. I don’t get any other sketches. If you’ve already drawn a bee in my book I won’t bother you again.

Click MORE for more of the interview and many many more sketches from Sarah Jo Marks.

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I think Chris Ryniak was channeling Alexander Supertramp with some of the creations he has in store for us at “Migration“. (editor note: with much less awful death by starvation, because these guys are very unlikely to forgo food for very long).

Keeping with the theme of the show, a bevy of Bubbleguts, small and large, are adorned with overflowing backpacks full of candy and smores, and paired with hatchets and brightly coloured sleeping bags as they waddle onward on their journey. The detail and model making skill in these sculpts are downright impressive – tiny riveted leather straps, hand-wrapped twine, miniature wood bundles…Chris is knocking this show out of the park, and we cannot wait to see these little hikers unveiled!

Train hopping, camping, the wilderness, and beyond are no match for these hiking potbellies – as long as they got a good knapsack and tools on their back, they are ready for whatever the trail has ahead.





Stranger Factory is excited to play host to MIGRATION, the latest collaborative exhibit by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd. The opening reception is at Stranger Factory on Friday, March 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

CBS pullToday, we found another enticing image from the Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship! Oh, what a fiendish and suspenseful way for us to see the development of this series.
This time around, the sketch being shown is a Skelve pull toy for the Wandering Misfits. The Skelve looks ever so happy; possibly going “Wheeee” as it glides across the floor!

The Wandering Misfits series is going to be legendary, and we can’t wait to see more images soon.



I spy with my little eye, something with a bow tied!

We’ve looked at the relief wall hangings Chris is bringing to Albuquerque next month, but now the curtain is also being drawn on Amanda Louise Spayd’s wall hangings for ”Migration at Stranger Factory.

Amanda has been putting her sculpting tools to good use because there are head-to-chubby-toe ruffles on this little creature. Better than an Easter Sunday outfit, the huge bow accompanies Mandi’s very familiar derpy and toothy facial expression. It might have had some help tying that bow, because those stubby arms couldn’t possibly have managed.

Like Chris’ wall hangs, expect these to be cast in bronze, nickel, copper, glow in the dark, and…maybe a few surprises.






Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak’s “Migration” opens on March 1st, 2013 at Stranger Factory, 109 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.




Strike up the band, because this Wednesday, February 13th, Brandt Peters’ “Old Timey” Stingy Jack(Colorway #3) releases to the public. Previously only available to those in attendance at Brandt’s exhibition: Posthumous Menagerie in January –  now we all get a chance at this amazing cool grey and black version of Stingy! These mischievous masters of mayhem are on their way to Albuquerque, and soon – into your wonderful collections! These will be up at a random time at the Circus Posterus online store on Wednesday, as well as on Tomenosuke, for international buyers.

 Stingy says “see you Wednesday!”



Pink Pickled Ginger 1

Start practicing your best snarl face because the latest “Ginger” sofubi by Chris Ryniak from Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke is getting ready to go into production! The last incarnation of Miss Ginger was the raw “Stinky Ginger” at Designer Con 2012, and we have all been waiting to hear about the second course in colorways! Well, that time is almost upon us because “Pickled Ginger” is about to be harvested.

The colors this time around feature an opaque spray of pink paint on translucent vinyl with carefully painted details. You can see this pretty little lass’ pearly white chompers in that lovely little grimace! The details and character with this version really pop – but don’t tell her that because she doesn’t take compliments well.

Pickled Ginger will be an edition of 120, divided equally between Tomenosuke (international customers) and Stranger Factory (North American customers)! In line with the other sofubi offerings from CP+Tomenosuke, it will retail at $89. Be on the lookout for release information very soon.

If you can’t wait to read more about the Ginger family, our pal Andy at Kaiju Korner has penned an amazing review of the Raw Stinky Ginger .

Pink Pickled Ginger 2 Pink Pickled Ginger 3


Stranger Factory’s own vivacious vixen of art, Valency, is making Valentine’s Day a little easier for us with her Love Skulls, now available in the Circus Posterus store

These original hand sculpted and painted skulls feature a heart shaped nose and devious eye sockets. They are available in pin and necklace form to give a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or that special person. Or…you could do both since everyone loves skulls, especially LOVE SKULLS, and they are in fact guaranteed to be made with love.


Wallhanging 3The wait is almost over, because  opening night for Chris Ryniak and Amanda Spayd’s “Migration at Stranger Factory is just a few weeks away! We have a deluge of information from the dynamic duo to sort through, but putting all the clues and puzzle pieces together is what we are here for!

Have you noticed the one creature Chris has made with the huge grin on his face? The one that seems to be pointing at its bellybutton? Well, it is part of the pile of 6″ x 9″ relief wall hangings that Chris has coming to the show. Burning the midnight oil for months, Chris has been hand molding and casting an assortment of this yet nameless creature himself! The progress shots do not do this fella justice in our opinion, and we can’t wait to see it in person.

Currently planned are casts in bronze, nickel, copper, glow in the dark, and maybe a few surprises. There is no word yet on how many of each will be done, but we can only hope that neither the mold nor Chris’ fingers bite the dust before a small army is completed.

Click More to see several progress shots of the development of this piece.

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The opening of three shows at Stranger Factory this past Friday has come and gone and it looked AMAZING. Today, let’s take a look at some of DrilOne’s gorgeous contributions to the show. We chatted with him a bit about his art and influences, and we’re delighted to give you a quick peek into his rusty world.

no trespassing

DrilOne: My addiction used to be photographing old abandon buildings, amusement parks, psychiatric wards, and decommissioned military bases. I would photograph them to preserve the history of the building. I like creating my work to have that feeling. I want people to feel like they own a piece of weathered historical artifact.

skelve tank

DrilOne: I was always into the military; I loved the machinery, weapons, fighter jets. I also enjoyed military models too! It definitely was/is a huge influence. I grew up in Queens, NY and started writing graffiti in the late 80’s. Now, I am combining graffiti, model making, signage, and weathered rusty textures.

gasmask mimic

CP: Your customs are as always, beautiful, but we also love that you’ve been working with more original sculpts lately, like the Drones! Are there more to come? Do you think that making originals sculpts is the “next step,” or do you think you’ll still always customize toys?

DrilOne: Yes, I’m hoping to sculpt other characters that I have drawn that are part of the Drones world. I also would like to create some pieces in vinyl. As for customizing – I want to only customize certain pieces. I love customizing other peoples pieces like the ones for this show; I took a box of Jason Limon resin pieces and had a ton of fun. It helps me grow as I learn new ideas and techniques.

empty world sign

CP: What piece or series were you most excited to make or work on for this show?

DrilOne: I love the giant Empty World retro sign. It was probably the hardest piece to do, but rewarding. I enjoyed most of the work I did for this show, though. I tried several new paint techniques and even sculpted and casted micro Drones for the show.

DrilOne’s micro Drones will be made available for people buying originals during today’s preview window (only if buying an original).

To purchase DrilOne’s beautiful, atmospheric work from Empty World, visit our preview page. The online purchase inquiry period begins today at 12 Noon, PST.