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The magic is returning to Stranger Factory – Magic Sculpt, that is!

On Sunday, February 3rd , from  2pm to 5pm, we will be hosting a Magic Sculpt workshop lead by Kathie Olivas and Valency Genis, along with special guests and exhibiting artists DrilOne and Leecifer.



All skill levels are welcome – we will be giving complete foundation instruction for the use of Magic Sculpt, along with advanced techniques and an emphasis on customizing vinyl toys.

All supplies are provided, including one Kidrobot Mini Munny, clay, armatures, gloves, and basic tools. Price is $80, and class size will be strictly limited to 12 participants (reserve your spot early!). To RSVP, contact the gallery at (505) 508-3049 or email:


Calliope 2

We saw the original colorway of Calliope last November at DesignerCon, and now it is time for one of her alter egos to come forth! On sale Wednesday January 23, 2013 from the Tomenosuke + CP Sofubi line is the long-awaited release of Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope Sofubi #2 “Ivory”.

Starting that Wednesday, Calliope # 2 will be randomly listed in the Circus Posterus Store here for $95, and stocked at random times throughout the week. If you receive a “Sold Out” message – keep checking back because they will be back in stock in varying increments. The “Ivory” edition is limited to 120 pieces with CP and Tomenosuke each getting 60 of the edition. Each header card is signed and numbered by Kathie.

Calliope box

Remember to keep checking the Circus Posterus web store starting Wednesday January 23!



For most of us, it is getting really cold outside, and warm drinks are a necessity! The Circus Posterus store has a very artful way of housing some of your favorite drinks with sake and tea sets. Each one of these colorful sets include a large jug for housing your beverage along with two smaller cups in the beloved Circus Posterus skull patterns.

 Each set is one of a kind, and they have fun names to go along with the color palette, like “Burnt Sugar”, “Orange Picnic”, and “Cashew”. Since they are all ceramic and food safe, you can go ahead and pour yourself a warm cup of jasmine tea or namazake sake. Many colors and styles are available now in the store with new designs being added constantly.

rootbeerFloat tangerineWash



Something has definitely caught our eyes with Jason Limon’s upcoming exhibit “Foretell” at Stranger Factory this February. Jason appears to be creating a multi-panel piece that incorporates many foretelling eyes encircling a centerpiece skull that harbors a very omniscient third eye. Each panel even integrates the various vastly different iris colors we see in nature. And I may be wrong here, but it looks as if once this is properly mounted, an eye will follow you wherever you are in the room. I think Rockwell foreshadowed this with his song back in 1984, and we are very much ok with these eyes watching us.

 Jason Limon’s “Foretell” along with Leecifer’s “Long Dogs” and DrilOne’s “Empty World” open at Stranger Factory on Friday, February 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM.

Limon multi panel WIP


More eyes and progress pics under the cut:

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mini series


2013 just started and there is already a deluge of amazing releases slated for the year. The much rumored Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas Blind Box Mini-series by Cardboard Spaceship is coming to fruition!

The series will be based on Brandt and Kathie’s familiar characters, the Wandering Misfits, and we have a teaser image of one of the pieces in the series, a snake Skelve! Fans have been asking for a snake Skelve production for a while now, and that looks like it’s around the corner!. The sculpting is done by a familiar face that Circus Posterus have collaborated with before, Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative.   We are stoked to see the full 3d versions soon!



Our master ruster DrilOne is dipping his magic fingers into signmaking again, which we’ve been excited to see him revisit in his own work, after his gorgeous, handmade, Vintage Hell Sign from 2011. A former signmaker and graphic designer, DrilOne is definitely showing his skill and technique in this wonderful new piece. Emblazoned with his show title, “Empty World,” this sign lights up and will feature his famous rivets and rust treatment. We can’t wait to see it!



More progress images of this wonderful sign under the cut:

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The gears have definitely been turning in the glorious mind of Doktor A. For his contribution to the Chet Zar curated  Conjoined III group show at Copro Gallery in L.A opening on January 19th, Dok has created a meticulous gear laced heart. Perfectly titled “Heart of Empire“, this amazing piece is made of vinyl, lead, rubber, paper, fabric, vintage clock parts, and winding key. This vital organ even comes in a vintage oak box. Splendid work as always from the good Doktor!

In the meantime, if you are looking for some of Dok’s production work, we have some in the Circus Posterus Store.

EmpireHeartFrontLorezTo see more detailed pics of this gorgeous clockwork heart, click MORE

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Bark Bark! We have already tantalized you with Drilone and Jason Limon sneaks, but now we can show you some work from Leecifer’s exhibit, “Long Dogs“. It seems the title of the show has a link to what appears to be a canine Skelve in the works…and who is that adorable Boston Terrier that appears to be the model? Looks like there will be custom Skelves galore for the show along with turtles, the beloved Pickle Babies, and more. We’ll have to start calling Lee Pavlov because the images have us slobbering with excitement.

We are in the early stages of many of these, and there will be more news as the pieces develop. To see a few more works in progress from Leecifer, click MORE.




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Pickled Ginger


A new year and more sofubi! The test pulls for the second colorway of Chris Ryniak’s  Stinky Ginger sofubi from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus have turned up. From the pinkish tones, this little lady has been aptly dubbed “Pickled Ginger,” with a possibility of a transparent or opaque version. No word yet on which color will be chosen, but rest assured, she will be hotter than wasabi.

Source Tomenosuke

Mini Greet

The Skelve has taken many apparitions over the years, but now a new 5 inch genus has been spotted known as the Mini Greeter.  This little fella holds a secret too, he glows. This found footage below documents just how amazing the luminosity can be! Keep on a lookout because the Mini Greeter, sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider of Shinbone Creative, will be making his haunts to Circus Posterus very soon.

Mini Greet glow