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Is this not the sweetest thing on the planet?! We’re talkin’ instant toothache as soon as you set eyes on it. Brand new from Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd is a series of acrylic critter charms and pendants that will be available via her webstore very soon. For all you ABQ locals, you can also grab them at Stranger Factory.

The pendants are yet to be revealed, but the Bee charms (above) are double-sided and have a 1-inch wingspan. They’re a run of 100, price to be announced!

And who’s this little lady? Mandi tweeted her yesterday, with a promise of ‘more info soon.’ I have no idea what she’s for, but stylistically she’s right in line with the charms and Mandi’s recent antique pendants (which sold out in like 5 minutes).

Then there’s this little blue beaut, who’s destined to be a collaboration with A Little Stranger for a certain special something. ALS x ALS? Don’t mind if I do!

And special something? Why, that sounds vaguely familiar … hmm ;)

Updates to come, as always!


So Chris Ryniak recently set the CP Forums ablaze with teasers of a new project he’s been working on, dubbed ‘Bugglestump Forest’. Very little is known about the project itself, apart from the fact that it’s a series of wooden something-or-others being produced by Ink It Labs. The first release will debut at SDCC in July via the Dragatomi booth (#4935), and any leftovers will be available through Dragatomi later on. If they sell out, more will be made (it isn’t a Con exclusive).


But what the heck is it? According to Chris, “It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to wait to see what it is. It’s not what you’re expecting though.”

Hmm. Well, if you check out the Ink It Labs website, they specialize in all sorts of stuff, including laser-cut wood, wood printing and also engraving. I’m going to wager laser-cut wood prints for the wall. Because how wouldn’t that be wicked?

Anyhoo, this is all still a work in progress (the packaging was just hammered out this weekend) and Chris promises more teasers leading up to SDCC. So stay tuned; the Bugglestump will be bearing fruit soon!


Hot diggity damn, if there’s one thing that makes me squeal like a school girl it’s Instagram pictures from Kathie Olivas showing a barricade of easels resting new paintings, while every tabletop is blanketed by the weapons of her craft: brushes, tubes of paint, thinner, and the like. We have some serious magic being concocted and, New York City, I’m happy to report that it’s headed to you. Opening Oct. 20 at AFA Gallery, Kathie’s solo show, Haunted, features new 2D works that pick up where last year’s Sweet & Sorrow left off.

The exhibition is still a ways away so expect many more sneak peeks as Kathie prepares what’s already looking to be a stirring exploration of survival after the fallout.

DrilOne’s Military Bird Skelves are moving into position and are set for release tomorrow, June 22nd at 1pm PST via email request to (buyers, please include your address for an accurate shipping quote). The collaborative project with Kathie Olivas is a Stranger Factory exclusive and a limited edition of only 18 pieces at $300 a pop. Message board members, visit the associated thread on the Sideshow for your chance to win a guaranteed spot to purchase the figure. The winner will be announced this evening!

One random order will also receive a free custom Orange Bird Companion from Kathie Olivas (below). … Seriously, can it get any sweeter?!

Good luck to all! Get on yer crash helmets!

Brandt Peters’ sofubi Stingy Jack inches ever nearer to completion from the looks of these new snaps showing off the mischief makers’ first colourway: a regal transparent purple. The figure is still undergoing some tweaks (gloves and eyes will be brighter, a fade will be added to the body), but we now have a general idea of what to look forward to. A release date will be set once these adjustments are made, which should be very soon!


It’s been a while since we’ve dropped any new tidbits on Teoduro Badiu’s forthcoming Wippo sculpt, so we figured we’ve give the little guy the run of the gallery to stretch his legs and ham it up for the camera. As you’ve probably noticed since his initial reveal a couple months ago, there are a few colourways being considered for Wippo (with more to come!) and he may wind up being a small run (100 pieces-ish) comprised of a few different colours. This dark version is particularly striking as the deviation from the usual sugary appearance conjures a sort of fantasy nightmare element to him.

Solid release details should be hammered out in about a month, so keep checking back!

You’ve seen the wings of desire … now … behold the militant archangel they’re equipped to! Coming soon from DrilOne and Kathie Olivas is MBG-1812, a series of custom Bird Greeters and DrilOne’s first editioned Skelve since joining the artist collective late last year.Standing a menacing 10 3/4″ high, the MBG’s (Military Bird Greeters) feature a custom-cast chest plate and removable wings that are built upon Kathie’s iconic sculpt. Each of the 18 figures is hand painted by Dril and retails for $300.  One randomly selected order will also receive a custom Kathie Olivas bird companion!

The drop is just around the corner; man your battle stations and await the signal!

BEWARE, ALBUQUERQUE! It’s been reported that Jeff Lamm’s infamous kaiju character, GREASEBAT, was last seen rampaging down Rt. 66 and is headed straight for you! This uncontrollable beast breeds unbridled chaos and destruction everywhere he goes and it appears he has his sights set on Stranger Factory in Nob Hill. Get out while you can!

To our fearless kaiju collectors: we plead for you to take a stand and help us wrangle this ferocious beast! He is anticipated to arrive in the next few weeks. This species of Greasebat is rare — a Stranger Factory exclusive, in fact! Sculpted by Chauskoskis and produced in Japanese vinyl by Monster Worship, this 7″ monster is cast in solid, sky blue Pantone with red, gold and silver sprays. He’s $85 and of a very limited edition. Once he’s gone, he’s extinct!

Each Greasebat comes poly-bagged and with a header card signed by Jeff Lamm. But be tactful, should you choose to hunt the creature, for the hunger of the almighty Greasebat is one that is never satiated …

Stay tuned; details on the hunt are forthcoming!

Now THAT’S the guilty mug of a critter caught with their paw in the cookie jar! This little beastie from Chris Ryniak is an original one-off sculpt who’s destined for a very special celebration happening later this year. And apparently — at least according to the cutline beneath the photo on Chris’ Tumblr — “… it gets better.”

Just wait till you see what’s planned for him. And who’s doing it. Oh, how we love the suspense! Details soon, my pretties!

Now these are some seriously slick lookin’ wings. DrilOne posted this WIP on his Twitter a few days ago of a secret release that he has forthcoming with Circus Posterus. Just what — or who — could these war-torn wings be for? One thing we know for sure: there will be an army of them.

Dril has engineered similar wings in the past for custom CP figures, including a Greeter Skelve for last year’s DesignerCon. Stay tuned to see what kind of artilleric angel he’s forging this time.

[Skelve photo by Jeremyriad]