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Circus Posterus’ catalog for this year’s Monsters & Misfits exhibition is hot off the press and Shinji over at Tomenosuke-syoten has granted us a sneak peek at some of the pages. Showcasing selected works from each of the exhibiting artists, the 48-page, full-color catalog will be available for purchase on opening night and will likely be part of the online sale, as well. To the collectors outside of Asia who are looking to take home a piece of this exhibition, the online sale will be taking place at midnight on April 14th, which I believe will be Saturday morning/afternoon for many of us. To be safe, keep checking the Monsters & Misfits II banner near the bottom of the Tomenosuke homepage (right now it should say ‘coming soon’ when you click on it). If this sale is being handled similar to last year, the preview page will be up before it goes live to give collectors a chance to look at everything (preview instructions are usually included on this page, as well). Good luck to all the collectors and best wishes to Brandt, Kathie, Chris and Amanda as they attend their first Japanese reception!

Aside from the numerous original sculpts being showcased at the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition opening this Friday in Japan (about 60, collectively), Kathie Olivas also has a handful of oil paintings up for grabs. Shown above is “Constance”, a 16″x20″ oil on panel.

Next is “Pitchfork”, a 4.5″x8″ oil on wood.

And rounding out the trio is  “Exhale”, also a 4.5″x8″ oil on wood.

The gang left LAX for Japan’s Haneda airport late yesterday. Here’s hoping the flight was (somewhat) restful! Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

There’s no turning back now: the show poster is up at the Kusakabe Folk Museum, officially kicking off celebrations for Monsters & Misfits II, opening April 13th!

For those unfamiliar with the venue, the Kusakabe Folk Museum is a historical mecca of Japan. Once the home of the Kusakabes, a wealthy merchant family, the original house was burned down in 1875 and later rebuilt in 1879 by Jisuke Kawashiri, a famous architect from Hida. The 2-storey building is a magnificent example of Edo architecture: constructed from Japanese Cypress that’s finished with paint made from soot, it features beamed ceilings that extend a lofty 13m high, multiple rooms and a slightly slanted roof and latticed windows. Later designated as a cultural asset, the Kusakabe Folk Museum now plays host to educational retreats, arts events and many other cultural events. Be sure to visit the Kusakabe Folk Museum website for a huge spread of incredible visuals!

Monsters & Misfits II is a Circus Posterus group exhibition featuring new works from Chris RyniakDoktor A.Kathie OlivasBrandt Peters and Amanda Louise Spayd. Hosted by Tomenosuke-syoten, the exhibition is on display through April 26th

Amanda Louise Spayd is exhibiting 7 resin and soft sculptures as part of Monsters & Misfits II in Japan. Among them is Grape, an original critter who looks to be a wine or jam maker of sorts (yum either way). With those impressive ears, Grape probably stands (well, sits) around 13 inches and the buttons on the arms are a nice touch — like an old teddy bear. With the way these are evolving, I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys soon have movable parts!

The week of Monsters & Misfits II is finally upon us, and while Kathie, Brandt, Chris and Amanda drive each other crazy on a plane for the next 12 hours, we get to enjoy some sweet final teasers for the event before the big opening on the 13th. From Chris Ryniak’s monster studio comes Berry Triggle, a custom Bubblegut, and Great Gruggle: The Candied Overlord, which I believe is an original sculpt (who stands an impressive 18 inches).

Stay tuned as we drop more teasers to celebrate the opening of this special CP exhibition! Best wishes and congratulations to the artists as they travel to Takayama to meet their monsters and all of the Japanese collectors! It’s been a long time coming!

Amanda Louise Spayd’s solo exhibition, Forgotten Finery, opens tomorrow at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio! In anticipation of the event, Mandi has been dropping teasers of some of her new soft sculptures that will be up for grabs. Starting from the top: limited edition Belladonnas (each are an edition of 5 pcs) …

One-off bee sculpts Petite Abeille Rose and Petite Abeille Bleue.

Duchesse: one-off soft sculpt that stands 30 inches!

Little Lamb, Blue is looking rather confused. Love the ears; I wonder if he can take flight …

And last but not least: Allegro, a lovely buttercup ballerina.

Forgotten Finery will be on display at Rivet this Saturday through Mon., April 30th. Reception with the artist on Saturday from 7 to 10pm. Stop by and say hi!

The online preview for The Great Escape will go live on Sat., April 7th, HERE! Requests will only be accepted via email. Absolutely no sales will be taken over the phone, though you’re welcome to call if you have any questions.

We will begin accepting online inquiries on Mon., April 9th, starting at 12 noon PST. Requests may only be sent to strangerfactorysales @ Full instructions will be outlined on the preview page so stay tuned. Good luck!

The world of Escape has been without sustainable natural resources for generations, over the years it has slowly become a closed system. The sole remaining source of energy for the inhabitants of Escape is that which is contained within themselves and their existing ecosystem. The ancients of Escape devised a system to harvest that energy which is then stored in liquid and crystalline forms for redistribution. Any waste of that energy, either through malicious actions or accidental deaths, is considered most shameful.

Citizens of Escape are expected to make an honorable sacrifice of their own energy to be harvested at the end of their lives, some families may even sacrifice their youngest children if they are unable to support their existing energy needs. Consume more energy than you are worth, and soon you or your loved ones are marked for judgement.

 A thriving black market energy trade endangers the future of Escape.

On a personal level, the themes and imagery of “the Great Escape” chronicles some of my attempts to free myself from the disabling traps of past emotions and memories, to accept a new reality, and to move on from a love and a life left behind.

 The Great Escape opens Friday, April 6th, with a reception from 6 to 9pm.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

This double show also features the work of Kelly Denato, and her own personal take on the title “The Great Escape”.

[via Creatures In My Head]

Aside from her insanely impressive Lizzie custom, Amanda Louise Spayd has another big fella for the upcoming Japan exhibition: The Baker. And if she is anything near the height of Mandi’s first two tall dudes (The General and Harvest Gift), she stands at least 30 inches. It’s always such a pleasure watching Mandi’s work evolve — she’s performed many engineering marvels over the past year: how to make her sculptures sit, develop arms, adopt convincing animal forms and now, compared to her first tall dude, she’s mastered long legs. Bravo, lady!

Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

Another box o’ monstery goodness from Kathie and Brandt has found its way safe and sound to Tomenosuke for Monsters & Misfits II. We’ve got a custom Skelve bust, Candy Coated Kumas (yes, that’s a new edition!), followed by custom Kumas w/ embedded Lucky Skulls and a gorgeous encrusted Mega Skelve (the eyes on this one kill me). I could only image the excitement of opening a box like that; a collector’s wet dream! Exhibition opens in just over a week at the Kusakabe Folk Museum — we’re almost there, folks!