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Alright, so 2012 might mark the end of the world on the Mayan calendar, but I see no reason to stop huntin’ for the grails. And besides, it’s also the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar (which sounds far more optimistic) so let’s focus on that!

Available this Friday, March 2nd, is the Year of the Dragon Snybora from Chris Ryniak and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. The black vinyl Lake Monster is embellished with stunning-yet-subtle gold, red and matte black accents and has a beautiful set of glossy black eyes. Lovingly hand-painted by Joe Somers (Squibbles) and Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi), no two are exactly alike. He stands a mighty 3.5 inches and will be scampering about the Rotofugi shop at 11am. $35 and he’s yours! More beauty shots below!

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It appears that, aside from perfumery and critter creation, Ms. Amanda Spayd is quite the keen faux confectioner. Yes, they are fake: resin, in fact. I’m telling you, she’d be a star window dresser, this gal. The sweets are part of the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan, opening April 13th. Ice cream, cantlers, resin candies … the craving’s are runnin’ rampant!

Well this is fun: Doktor A’s Rupture returns in the form of a series of e-device sleeves from UK-based company Funky Peanut (you probably remember the teaser). After years of assaulting the designer toy market, our favourite razor-tooth monster has turned his attention to our beloved gadgets and gizmos …

Ideal for iPads, laptops, Kindles and the like, the neoprene covers feature a slick new Rupture design that has “a little more attitude than the previous versions,” the Dok says, adding that he whipped it up exclusively for the project. They also sport a super-soft, black fleece lining accented with black military grade zippers, black metal zipper pulls and black trim.

Available sizes include:

7” (21x15cm), suitable for Kindles and Android-type tablets. Retails for $30 / £18.99
10” (26x19cm), suitable of all iPads and most 10″ tablets. Retails for $38 / £23.99
15” (38x26cm), suitable for Macbooks and similar laptops. Retails for $44 / £27.99

Each size is a run of 500 and will be available tomorrow (Feb. 27th) via Funky Peanut and Doktor A’s Spookypopshop. Additional shots below.

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Whoa, Chris Ryniak is on a tear right now. Surely the ping pong table is getting crowded and here’s hoping it doesn’t collapse from all that critter chub!

These are all works in progress for Monsters & Misfits II … above we have an update on the Dainty Nibbler-inspired sculpt, with a full reveals in the background of the Cantler Eater, a custom Lizzie and Bubblegut: the former looking like she’s melting while B’gut is looking to be of a soft-serve variety (I dunno, I’m having ice cream fever over here). Curious what becomes of that Boo Skelve

Next is a horde of custom Bubbleguts lounging around below. CMR performed an engineering miracle and discovered how to make one stand on two legs. And on this day, Bubblegut’s bubblegut was fully realized by everyone in the land. Holy moly, phear the massness!

This Squadt’s ready to take to the sea! Hot on the heels of this week’s teasers comes a full monty of the Fr0g Squadt and his trusty aquatic sidekick Spot!

Limited to 200 pieces, Fr0g comes equipped with a wet suit, tanks, rubber flippers, spear gun, sMP5, tanto knife, 2.0 articulated and OG arms and a removable helmet. Spot includes wet suit with pouches (so freakin’ cute), rubber flippers and a removable helmet. FERG has brought his little dudes to a whole new plane … a superior piece of toy engineering, here, do NOT miss these! The duo will run you only $115 and that includes worldwide shipping. They release Monday, March 5th, at noon central via the Squadt store. More photos through the click!

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Colour me envious, Ohio friends, for you have a very special critter congregation taking place at a well-known gallery in a few week’s time …

Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd is crankin’ the old Vesta into high gear in preparation for Forgotten Finery, a solo show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus April 7th.

Mandi has hinted that she’s ‘going for a sort of 18th-Century France/Versailles/Marie Antoinette kind of vibe,’ and from what we’ve seen with her recent sketches, we can anticipate a combo of new 2- and 3-dimensional works. Much more to be revealed in the coming days and weeks leading up to the exhibition — stay tuned!

Heads up, Dok A fans! Chester Runcorn (peek the prototype) is set to release at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, March 16th! After making a splash at DesignerCon 2011, the first edition of the stately, 6-inch figure from Kuso Vinyl is dubbed the ‘Port’ colourway. He’s a run of 300 pieces and will retail for around $65 per. Kuso will have about 30 of them at their booth (#65), so arrive early! Totally loving the mustachio’d display box.

Finally, something to show you! There’s been plenty of teasing for the past while in the restricted area of the CAD forum of FERG’s upcoming scuba squadt,‘Fr0g’. As you can see, this guy comes decked out in a wet suit and flippers, and brandishes a razor-sharp knife and harpoon gun. If memory serves, his flippers are removable, but don’t quote me on that.

Now obviously the missing puzzle piece here is the helmet, which is an all-new sculpt. Public pictures have yet to hit the web, but FERG did tweet this photo last week of (what looks like) the package design, which gives a pretty good idea of what this little bastard looks like. Insanely cool! More details to come — Fr0g is queued up as the next exit so we shouldn’t have long to wait.